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We have now come to the end of the EU LCS Spring Split for 2017 and a fantastic split it has been. G2 have once again finished top of their group; LCS newcomers Misfits having a fantastic first European top flight split; and Unicorns of Love have topped group B with an excellent LCS debut for Xerxe who is certainly a player to watch.

Over the weekend we saw G2 eSports and the Unicorns of Love confirm their places as the top two teams of groups A and B. An impressive G2 comeback on Thursday saw them register a tense 2-1 win over Fnatic despite losing the first game. Yet on Saturday G2’s unbeaten run lasting over a year abruptly came to an end with a 1-2 defeat to Roccat, despite being in clear control in the first game and ending with a defeat in less than 28 minutes in the third. This said, G2 still look strongest and are looking to win their third consecutive EU LCS Split.

Unicorns of Love registered wins over Splyce (2-1) and Team Vitality (2-0), making them unbeaten in 6. This split they have shown they are a force to be reckoned with, and Xerxe the newest member of the UoL set up has registered himself with the highest KDA of the split after the group games, which is very impressive as a jungler. He is certainly one to keep watching and certainly likes to take more risks with his champion picks.

Hot on their tails, Misfits and H2K secured their second place spots of group A and B, whilst Fnatic and Splyce both finished third. For these four a quarterfinal spot is now secured. Fnatic clinched the final spot in a dramatic win over Misfits on Sunday (2-1) whilst the pressure was on, which meant that Roccat just missed out on a play-off spot – considering their impressive win over G2 you have to feel for them. A strong performance from Rekkles at ADC, with Kennen, means that he has become leader of the CS per minute stats. Despite this defeat for Misfits they have been impressive and look to have been very strong in their team play. They have three members in the top five standings on kill participation – Powerofevil tops that list showing his value to his team in the mid lane.

Meanwhile down at the bottom of the table, it looks like it will be Giants and Origen looking to fight to remain in the LCS. Origen, who have had a particularly torrid time, have lost all 13 matches this split and will do well to remain in Europe’s elite, whilst Giants not faring much better only won two.

So what does this all mean for the play-offs?

With their top spots, both UoL and G2 have secured automatic semi-final spots. To see who faces them is to be decided in the quarter finals between Misfits and Splyce, then H2K and Fnatic. With the opposing teams being in different groups it means they have only played each other once this split. In those games, Misfits beat Splyce 2-0 and H2K beat Fnatic 2-0. On the face of it you would say Misfits and H2K should progress through to the semi-finals, but anything can happen as shown by Roccat against G2.

Upcoming EU LCS Spring Matches in Hamburg:

Saturday 8th April – Quarterfinal – Misfits vs Splyce

Sunday 9th April – Quarterfinal – H2K vs Fnatic

Saturday 15th April – Semi-final – G2 vs TBD

Sunday 16th April – Semi-final – UOL vs TBD

Sunday 22nd April – Third Place Final – TBD vs TBD

Sunday 23rd April – Final – TBD vs TBD