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Developers team up with War Child charity

War games, what are they good for? Raising money and awareness

The makers of World of Tanks, Verdun 1914, Democracy 3 and 1979 Revolution: Black Friday are working with charity War Child to launch their fundraiser, War Child Armistice.

Peaceful playthrough options, downloadable content and donating a portion of sales are being used during the campaign to raise awareness and money for children living with the brutality of war.

Between 7th-14th November World of Tanks will sell packs of three or ten specially designed peace emblems which can be kept permanently. All total net proceedings from sales of this package will go directly to War Child.

Between 16th-31st December Verdun 1914 will provide a ‘Christmas Truce DLC’ on Steam, inspired by the famous truce between French, German and British soldiers for Christmas 1914. This DLC will contain football matches, snowball fights and the exchange of Christmas cards, which sounds awesome.

As well as this, the studios behind Democracy 3 and 1979 Revolution: Black Friday have agreed to donate the net income of their sales for a week during the period 21st November – 2nd December and 28th November – 2nd December, respectively to support the campaign.

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For more information on War Child visit https://www.warchild.org.uk/

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