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Warner Bros. are offering a free copy of previous Batman: Arkham titles as compensation for the trouble that the PC edition of Batman: Arkham Knight experienced upon it’s release back in June.

Having previously been pulled from sale due to its problems, Batman: Arkham Knight for PC has now been put back on sale with a brand new update which fixes several of the issues many users previously reported experiencing.

As a “show of appreciation” the studio announced today that they would be giving away free digital copies of Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, Arkham Origins, and Arkham Origins Blackgate.

The library of Arkham games will be given to any person who already purchased or will purchase Arkham Knight prior to 11:59PM PDT, on November 26th, 2015.

Warner Bros. hope to have all games delivered to users by December.

Also, the studio is creating a new “Community Challenge Pack” – also free to owners of Arkham Knight – in January 2016. The Steam Community will also have access to the maps a week before they’re released on consoles.

The studio is also working with Valve and Team Fortress 2 development team for a special cross-game promotion.

Arkham Knight is now available to purchase on PC today, and is also available on Xbox One and PS4.