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Dead Island 2 has been delayed until 2016, it has been confirmed.

Developers Yager today revealed that the zombie-apocalypse title has been pushed back from it’s original release window of Spring 2015 until 2016.

“We have always set ourselves a big goal for Dead Island 2: to create the sequel that takes Dead Island to the next level,” read a statement.

“A game that takes what our fans tell us they love about Dead Island – multiple different characters to play with, co-op, and turning a paradise setting into a zombie slaughter melee – and a game that adds a ton more content and combat options on top of that. And we wanted to have all of that that done for release in Spring 2015.

“We have been looking at the game long and hard, and we have decided we didn’t reach that goal we set out to achieve quite yet. This is why we have decided to delay Dead Island 2 to 2016. Right now we are focusing purely on development, and we will have more info to share at a later stage.

“We know that our fans will be disappointed by this news, but by giving Dead Island 2 more time we are confident that everyone will get a better game to play as a resul

Announced during E3 back in June, Dead Island 2 takes place following the events of the original Dead Rising. Now a restricted zone, California has become a bloody paradise for those who refuse to leave their homes and an action-packed playground for renegades.

It will feature never-before-seen handcrafted weapons and combines the elements of Dead Island’s close combat, action and role-playing.

Up to 8 players can co-operate together or compete against each other in the game’s multiplayer mode.

It will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.