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News of a possible third instalment in the Mafia series may be released soon, a series of tweets by a Mafia 2 actor has hinted towards.

Rick Pasqualone, the lead actor of Mafia 2 who voiced protagonist Vito Scaletta, hinted on his Twitter account that a possible announcement of Mafia 3 could be coming very soon.

Responding to a fan, he wrote: “Might have some Mafia news very soon.” He then followed up with another tweet, saying: “Might have some exciting news very soon.”

Mafia 3 has been rumoured to be in production for some time now, despite 2K Czech, the developers of Mafia 1 & 2, shutting doors and moving to 2K headquarters in California.

Such rumours were further fuelled when an alleged casting call document leaked online, which apparently revealed characters for the next instalment.

Take-Two Interactive’s – publishers – name also appeared on the document and actors were told in the document that the roles advertised will be “used for vo.motion capture/likeness and facial scan”.

Actors must also have a Southern accent, as all three characters were born in Louisiana, and two of the three have an Italian heritage whilst the other is of mixed race.