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A new Battlefield title will be released in late 2016, EA confirmed today.

During today’s EA conference call, the studio confirmed that the next installment in the action-shooter series would launch in late 2016 following Battlefield Hardline’s release in March 2015.

“This provides us with a major first-person shooter title each year and allows us to focus on still increasing earnings progression in the coming years,” said Blake Jorgensen, Chief Financial Officer for EA, via

“This also allows our Battlefield titles to enjoy the long life we have seen historically through our core gameplay and extended services.”

The company also confirmed that Battlefield Hardline will release on March 17th in America and March 20th in the UK, 6 months after it’s original October launch date.

Hardline is a spin-off title of the Battlefield series and will be set in Los Angeles and Miami.

Players will be placed in the middle of the way on crime and choose between being a cop or a criminal.

A 12-minute gameplay video was released back in August.