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A popular YouTuber who created videos using GTA IV’s PC video editor has passed away.

Fernando Agaoito Jr., best known as Yeardley Diamond on YouTube, passed away on August 20th due to cadiac arrest.

His passing was only revealed yesterday after family members gained access to his own Facebook account and announced the tragic news to his fans.

“[The family] apologies for the late update of his passing because we have lots of things to work [on] for his grave, hospital and other important things,” wrote his brother.

“We also had a hard time to reset his computer password just to make [this announcement to you guys] … for all the co-workers of my brother, I’m sorry that [he is] gone now [and] I hope you guys can help me make my brother be a memory for all of us that care for him. Thank you.”

The 29 year old’s death has shocked many of his fans, who poured out their love and admiration of his videos on his Facebook page, GTA Forums and Reddit.

Rockstar Games also posted their condolences on their website, writing: “[He] was a YouTube creator who worked wonders with GTA IV PC to create some of the most memorable and beloved Machinima videos in the history of Grand Theft Auto fan videos.

“We at Rockstar Games send our sincerest condolences to the Agapito family, and all of Fernando’s friends and fellow fans.”

Agapito published 179 videos that have totaled more that 49 million views for his channel and gained over 120,000 subscribers.

One of his most popular videos, a GTA IV parody of Gangnam Style is available to watch above and all of his other work is available to view via his YouTube channel.