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PlayStation Network back online after major DDOS attack

A group of hackers bring down the PlayStation Network over the weekend but is restored as of today.

The PlayStation Network has been restored after suffering a major DDOS (distributed denial-of-service) attack.

Over the weekend, the Network suffered an attack that brought down the whole network, disallowing all users access to online activities.

A group of hackers claimed responsibility for the attack.

In an original statement on the PlayStation Blog, Sid Shuman, Social Media Senior Manager, assured PlayStation users that no personal information was accessed.

“Like other major networks around the world, the PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Network have been impacted by an attempt to overwhelm our network with artificially high traffic,” he wrote.

“Although this has impacted your ability to access our network and enjoy our services, no personal information has been accessed.”

After working on the issue over the weekend, the Network was restored back online as of this morning.

“We have seen no evidence of any intrusion to the network and no evidence of any unauthorized access to users’ personal information,” Shuman wrote in an update.

Originally scheduled maintenance was to commence today but Shuman said that this has now been postponed. A new date for the maintenance will be announced soon.

“We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by this issue,” Shuman added.

The same group of hackers that brought down the network also issued a bomb threat to a flight carrying Sony Online President, John Smedley.

The American Airlines flight was diverted following the threat.

A Sony Online Entertainment representative told Kotaku that the FBI is currently investigating the threat.

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