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The official trailer and release dates for the final episode of The Walking Dead: Season Two have been released.

Titled: No Going Back, the episode will reflect on Clementine’s journey thus far.

It will be available starting next week on Tuesday 26th August for PC and Mac via Steam, the Telltale Online Store and other digital distributions services.

On the same day it will be available for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita via the PlayStation Store in North America.

The next day it will hit the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Marketplace and European territories will be able to get their hands on the PS3 and PS Vita copies also.

And finally on August 28th it will be available as an in-app purchase within The Walking Dead: Season Two on the iOS App Store.

Release dates for tablets, mobile, handheld, and micro-console devices are to be announced soon.

The trailer, shown above, features a special all-new scene just for the trailer but does contain spoilers for previous episodes.