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Over 2 million votes have been cast in a survey in hopes that EA Sports add more licensed leagues to FIFA 15.

FIFPlay, a football gaming community website, launched the survey in October 2013 and has since saw over 2 million votes from 54 countries.

The aim of the survey is to encourage the developers of the football titles series FIFA to include more licensed leagues in their upcoming instalment.

Currently the most voted for league is the Turkish league with 199,928 votes.

The Iranian league is second with 196,375 votes, Egyptian league is third with 174,877 votes, German league is fourth with 125,999 votes, and the Moroccan league is fifth with 123,075.

The least voted for league is the Icelandic league with just 70 votes.

Votes are still being taken at:

The survey closes in August and if a league isn’t listed, players can request for their league to be added.