A spin-off of the Dead Island series has been unveiled by Deep Silver.

Titled: Escape Dead Island, the third-person single-player survival mystery title will detail the origins of the zombie outbreak and the story between Dead Island and the recently announced sequel Dead Island 2.

Cliff Calo arrives on the island of Narapela as he sets out to document the unexplained events that rumored to have happened there. He soon begins to realize not everything is, as it seems.

Escape adds a completely new tone to the zombie universe,” read a press release. “The visually unique styles accompanies the player on his struggle against insanity as he experiences the secrets of the Dead Island universe, fights off zombies with a vast and unique array of weapons and opens the path to the events that will happen in Dead Island 2.

Escape Dead Island, developed by Fatshark Sweden, is scheduled for a release in Autumn for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, priced at £39.99.

A PC release is also planned for a price of £34.99.

An announcement trailer was also released, shown above, along with several screenshots, as shown below.

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