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Independence Day Special DLC coming to GTA Online

The next update for GTA Online will feature Independence Day themed content.

Rockstar will be celebrating Independence Day with a new update for GTA Online, modelled after the American holiday.

The new update, titled: The Independence Day Special, is available now and includes new properties, vehicles, weapons and more.

Unveiled on Rockstar’s Newswire, the update introduces the Sovereign motorcycle and the Liberator, a monster truck. Both will be designed with the American flag design and colour.

The Musket, a new gun, will be available as well as the Firework Rocket Launcher. Fireworks have also been included with up to 12 different varieties.

7 new properties are available via the in-game’s Internet website Dynasty 8 including locations in Paleto Bay and Vinewood Hills.

Patriotic clothing has also been added with special “Made in the USA” T-shirts, a backwoods mullet haircut, and an eagle animal mask available for purchase.

Other updates include game tuning updates and On Call Matchmaking, allowing players to accept a Job invitation and continue playing in free mode until the job begins.

The limited time update will expire in mid-July, with an official date to be announced soon.

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