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Legendary international rock band Linkin Park officially announced the launch of their 3D action game today.

Titled Linkin Park Recharge – Wastelands, the game is a 3D third-person action-shooter title set in the future. As a member of a specialized resistance unit, the player must fight through hostile territories to reclaim energy resources controlled by machines known as “Hybrids”, who rule the post-apocalyptic planet.

It will feature over 50 missions as well as the ability to compete against friends in online leaderboards.

Members of the Linkin Park band will appear as in-game characters.

“Linkin Park wants to do more than simply entertain,” read a press release. “The band is aiming to highlight the problems of energy poverty and promote better management and use of our planet’s resources.”

Developed by Kuuluu Interactive Entertainment, the title, available for mobile devices, is currently available via the App Store for $2.99.

Players will also receive exclusive access to the song “Wastelands”, which is set to appear on the band’s next album, The Hunting Party, in mid-June.

Several screenshots were also released, as shown below.

LP_Recharge_1 LP_Recharge_2 LP_Recharge_3 LP_Recharge_4 LP_Recharge_5 LP_Recharge_6