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The owner of the world’s largest video game collection is to auction off his entire collection.

43-year-old Michael Thomasson, pictured above, broke the Guinness World Record back in January for owning a staggering 10,607 gaming titles estimated to be worth $700,000.

Thomasson, a video game history and design teacher at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York, started collecting games when he was 12 years old and was given Cosmic Avengers for the Colecovision. In 1989 he sold his collection to buy a Sega genesis and again in 1998 to pay for his wedding.

Since then he began collecting games again, buying on average 2 games per day on a $3000 yearly budget. He has since been featured on numerous TV shows, newspapers and websites.

Since earning his Guinness World Record he has added more games to his collection, which now totals over 11,000 titles.

But Thomasson has decided to sell his entire collection yet again via to help pay some personal family expenses.

“I’m choosing to use Game Gavel to sell the collection because it is operated by fellow hobbyists,” said Thomasson. “After seeing such highly desirable gaming items sell on Game Gavel, such as the elusive boxed Air Raid for the VCS, I knew that I was the place to host my sale.”

Game Gavel founder, Mike Kennedy, said: “We are very excited Mr. Thomasson has chosen Game Gavel to host what will be the largest private collection auction of video games in the history of online auctions.”

As well as the entire collection, the successful bidder will also receive the official Worlds Largest Video Game Collection certificate from Guinness World Records, and will also win a lifetime subscription to Retro Magazine, including all back issues and autographed copy of the premiere issue which features an article on the collection.

The auction runs from June 4th for two weeks, ending on June 15th. Originally starting a $1, the current bid is $5,678.