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FIFA World is to be available as a global open beta, EA announced today.

EA Sports’ free-to-play PC football title will today be available worldwide after already holding closed beta sessions and limited open beta sessions which saw over 1.5 million fans register to play.

The title will now support nine new languages including: English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, MX Spanish, BR Portuguese, Polish, and Turkish.

“We’re very excited to now open the game to FIFA and football fans from all over the world,” said Alex Grimbley, Producer.

“This is a real opportunity for fans to affect the development of a new game and the feedback we’ve gotten so far has been absolutely instrumental in shaping our feature roadmap.”

FIFA World features over 16,000 players, 600 clubs, 30 official leagues, an online mode and single-player mode.

A trailer was also released, shown above, as well as some screenshots, shown below.

fifa_world_gameplay_1 fifa_world_gameplay_2 fifa_world_gameplay_3