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The creator of Flappy Bird has unveiled a new game he is working on.

Dong Nguyen revealed on his Twitter account over the weekend that he is currently working on a new game, which he hopes will make people “forget about Flappy Bird for a while”.

Other than a screenshot of the game, shown above, nothing else was revealed.

On Friday it was confirmed that Flappy Bird is to return this August as a multiplayer game after being removed months before.

Back in February, Nguyen decided to pull the game from App Stores, as he wasn’t able to “take this anymore” after the title had gained worldwide attention from fans and the media.

He later explained the decision to pull the game, saying it had become far too addictive to people.

At the time, he said the game was “gone forever” but a few weeks later had a change of heart and said that the game would return “but not soon”.