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EA reveals details on UFC game modes

EA's upcoming UFC title has revealed what its career mode and other gaming modes will feature.

EA have today revealed details about EA Sports UFC’s career mode and online modes.

For the first time ever in a UFC video game, players will now be able to earn their contract in the famous Ultimate Fighter gym as UFC champions, contenders and personalities will guide you through the career mode.

Once the player wins the Ultimate Fighter, they then debut in the UFC and begin to build a legendary career.

Five round battles with opponents will lower the players career longevity whilst knockouts or decisive victories will raise your popularity with the fans, sponsors, acquire new gear and get visits from legends of the UFC.

As well as the Career mode, the title will also feature Online Championships which will let you fight against other online players to climb up the ranks in the toughest divisions.

Also Online Rivalries is available, which is a 1-on-1 online rivalry which two players face each other and are provided with states and in-depth analysis to prove who is the better fighter.

And finally, FighterNet, a hub which will track all of your online competition such as states against friends/enemies and fight highlights available to share.

The game will be hitting shelves on June 20th for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

A new gameplay video, showcasing the career mode, was also released, as shown above.

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