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Brand new musical score updates are to come to GTA Online, Rockstar announced today.

Rockstar Games said that as part of the ongoing content updates, including multiple updates this springGTA Online will feature new additions to the already massive original musical score.

Several games modes, including Deathmatch, Survival, and custom made jobs, will be backed by “never-before-heard unreleased instrumental music from the original scoring sessions by Tangerine Dream, Woody Jackson, Alchemist and Oh No”.

The company have also released a four minute preview sound-clip, available to listen to at Sound Cloud.

No official date as to when the updates will happen was provided but the company did say that it will happen sometime in May.

The latest edition of Electronic Musician, a music production magazine, features a 6-page cover story on the GTA V soundtrack and a look behind the scenes of the making of the soundtrack and the artists involved including Tyler The Creator and The Chain Gang of 1974.