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Heists are set to be introduced to GTA Online this spring alongside other updates, Rockstar announced today.

Whilst the highly anticipated heists will be coming this spring, the company also announced that Capture Creator will be available from next week which enables players to create their own Capture modes.

A new update, titled “The High Life Update”, launches this spring also and will allow players to buy brand new high-end apartments, a Bullpup Rifle, new attire, the Dinka Thrust motorcycle and three new cars.

Also included in the High Life Update is the debut of multi-property ownership, allowing players to own two different properties simultaneously, the Mental State player statistic, allowing players to know which players in their session are passive or “psychotically unhinged”, and new jobs.

Rockstar also said that several upcoming updates will be based on feedback from the GTA community such as the addition of a Non-Contact option in races, disabling contact between cars during races and the ability to ring in-game character Lester and ask him to tell his cop friends to ignore a crime the player is about to commit.

Players who leave feedback on jobs will gain bonus RP points, payouts will be increased for completing Parachute, Deathmatch, Race and Last Team Standing jobs and for owners of high-end cars will now be able to sell those cars for much larger sums of cash.

RP exploits by cheaters will be closed and those who have gained illegitimate RP by cheating will have their RP adjusted accordingly.