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Brand new screenshots and menu shots have been released for the upcoming FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014.

In February, EA Sports announced FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014a football game tie-in to the upcoming FIFA World Cup hosted by Brazil.

The game will see brand new gameplay innovations and improvements from FIFA 14, which launched late last year, along with the deepest set of game modes ever in a EA Sports tournament title.

Now brand new screenshots have been released by EA Sports as well as shots of the game’s main menu, team line ups and stadiums.

The game hits store on April 15th in North America and April 17th in Europe and is available for pre-order now for PS3 and Xbox 360.

easports2014fifaworldcupbrazil_italy_lineup easports2014fifaworldcupbrazil_netherlands_lineup easports2014fifaworldcupbrazil_ps3_captainyourcountry_playerstatsupgrade easports2014fifaworldcupbrazil_ps3_easfc_catalogue_wm easports2014fifaworldcupbrazil_ps3_england_vs_italy_wm easports2014fifaworldcupbrazil_ps3_mexico_lineup_wm easports2014fifaworldcupbrazil_ps3_roadtowc_calendar_wm easports2014fifaworldcupbrazil_ps3_roadtowc_tutorial_wm easports2014fifaworldcupbrazil_usa_lineup easports2014fifaworldcupbrazil_xbox360_beginner_setting_select_wm easports2014fifaworldcupbrazil_xbox360_easfc_catalogue_wm easports2014fifaworldcupbrazil_xbox360_germany_vs_usa_wm easports2014fifaworldcupbrazil_xbox360_ps3_australia_lineup_wm easports2014fifaworldcupbrazil_xbox360_roadtowc_calendar_wm easports2014fifaworldcupbrazil_xbox360_roadtowc_tutorial_wm easportsfifa2014worldcupbrazil_xbox360_ps3_arena_das_dunas_hires easportsfifa2014worldcupbrazil_xbox360_ps3_arena_das_dunas_infographic_wm easportsfifa2014worldcupbrazil_xbox360_ps3_castelao_hires easportsfifa2014worldcupbrazil_xbox360_ps3_castelao_infographic_wm

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  1. Steve

    I want this but I want it on PS4. Will this be on PS4?