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Ubisoft Montreal have refused to comment on reports that the Wii U version of Watch Dogs have been cancelled.

It was reported earlier today that, according to a report by Wiitalia, the Wii U version of Watch Dogs was cancelled after a reader said there pre-ordered copy of Watch Dogs was no longer available.

The reader was informed by a GameStop employee that the Wii U version was no longer available as Ubisoft decided against publishing it on that console. The reader tried pre-ordering the game on Wii U with another GameStop store but was unable to do so as the Wii U version wasn’t on the store’s database.

According to research conducted by Wiitalia, they contacted multiple GameStop stores and were told that the Wii U version was indeed cancelled.

We reached out to Ubisoft Montreal for comment and they told Roobla that they won’t be commenting. “Unfortunately, we will not comment on this news,” said a Ubisoft spokeswoman.

Originally intended for release in November 2013, Watch Dogs, available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 & PS3, was delayed until spring 2014.