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Left Behind will be the first and only story based DLC for The Last of Us, a Naughty Dog representative has said.

Community Strategist, Eric Monacelli, answering fan questions on the PlayStation Blog, said that the upcoming Left Behind DLC is the only story DLC planned. Going forward, multiplayer DLC will be the focus in the future.

Asked by a fan if more single player story based DLC is planned, Eric replied: “There’s multiplayer DLC up next. We don’t have any more single player DLC planned.”

Announced last November, Left Behind is a prequel to the events of The Last of Us and follows original co-protagonist Ellie and her best friend Riley, a new character, as they attend a military boarding school in the Boston quarantine zone. Players follow their adventure through a series of events that changes them both forever.

Eric also revealed that new music was recorded for the DLC and the length of it will be a “good length”.

The Last of Us: Left Behind is released on February 24th.