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[dropcap]A[/dropcap]n independent game studio in England has announced their very first title for PC and Mac.

Curiosity Studios, a five person team based in Torquay, that their upcoming psychological adventure game, called FOG: The Story of Jacques Matthews, will be available for the PC and Mac in 2014.

FOG follows Jacques Matthews as he is washed up on an island after his boat crashes following a storm, with thick fog is his only companion. As he tries to locate his fellow crew and escape the island, he stumbles across a mysterious girl who helps him along his adventure.

A press release for the game says that the game “blends deep exploration, emotional storytelling and enthralling puzzles to create a seamless and immersive experience that changes with every play through for every player”. Players will also be able to unearth clues and secrets of the island.

The game will feature a FOG system that allows players to replay the whole game again with different experiences in each location and with each character. Developers also promised a unique art style and lighting which “creates an eerie but gorgeous world”.

Along with the press release, an announcement trailer was released, as shown above.