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[dropcap]A[/dropcap] December charity drive for several charity organisations has raised over $1 million by gamers.

Charity organisations such as Oxfam, GamesAid, Special Effect and Little People UK shared a total of a staggering $1,156,799.80, over £700,000, obliterating its last year total of £240,568,25, from gamers apart of Yogscast, a network of gamers on YouTube.

For every night of December, members of Yogscast broadcasted a live stream via Twitch TV and accepted challenges from viewers amongst other activities. Fans, aka “Yognau(gh)ts”, were able to donate to the charity drive with donations ranging from $5 to $350.

In a press release, Yogscast Chief Executive, Mark Turpin, said: “We were aiming to reach £300,000 so to get to £700,000 is an incredible achievement and shows how generous gamers in general and Yognau(gh)ts in particular are.We’ve had amazing support from the UK and international video games industry supplying the games and items – there is no way we could have raised the money we did without their fantastic support.

“We also have to thank the Yogscast family who gave up their nights every day, except Christmas Day, in December to broadcast live and raise money.”