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Why Petitions Are The Most Stupidest Invention Ever

There's a petition against Ben Affleck, the 50 Shades of Grey casting, and GTA V ... and they're all stupid, says Jamie Press.

I just want to make this incredibly clear: Petitions are the most stupidest, most pointless things ever invented. Period!

It seems like not a second goes by when somebody seems to open a petition for whatever it is he/she doesn’t like or agree with. Whether it’s a local school, a local post box, a local estate, a new supermarket, deporting Justin Bieber, casting Ben Affleck, or demanding GTA V for PC. You can open a petition for absolutely anything.

But, to quote someone I know (wink, wink) I’m afraid I got some bad news for you: you’re wasting your time. Nobody listens to them. Not the council, not the game publishers, not the movie studios. Nobody.

Why? Because petitions don’t talk, money talks.

That’s all the companies care about. Money, money, money, and more money. They want your money, nothing else. They don’t care about your opinion or your pathetic little attempt at trying to stop or change something. They don’t listen to a piece of paper. But they do listen to your money.

Prime example: When Ben Affleck was cast as the new Batman, fans all over the world blasted the casting. So angry they were, they decided to open a petition to remove Affleck from the role.

Here’s the thing: How many of them 97,000 + people who signed that petition are going to watch Batman vs. Superman when it’s released? Damn near every single one of them.

They all cry about the choice but yet they STILL go and see the damn film. If you’re that upset about the casting of Affleck, or any other actor for any other film, then DON’T GO AND WATCH IT. How simple is that? I don’t like Jersey Shore, so I don’t watch it! If I don’t like it but watch it anyway, what does that make me? A hypocrite. Which is what 99% of them 97,000 people who signed that petition will be – hypocrites.

Redbud_Day34 (213 of 296).CR2
Don’t like this man as the new Batman? Then don’t watch!

Do you honestly for one second believe that Warner Bros., the biggest movie studio in the world, will listen to a stupid petition? No! But, and I go back to my original point, they will listen to your money.

If you want to make a point to Warner Bros. that they have made a horrible decision casting Affleck, then don’t spend your money on a ticket. Don’t buy the merchandise, don’t allow that film to break a billion dollars in sales, don’t even let it break even. If those 97,000 people don’t spend a single dime, then, and only then, will Warner Bros. listen to you because they’re not getting your money!

The same applies to anything else. Don’t like a local supermarket opening? Don’t shop there. Don’t like an estate being built? Don’t go there. Don’t like Justin Bieber? Don’t listen to him. Don’t agree with GTA V for Xbox and PlayStation? Don’t buy it!

But these people don’t do that. Instead they’ll hear about something, not like it, run to their keyboards, jump online and whine and complain – and then go buy something from that new supermarket, go visit that estate, go listen to Justin Bieber, and go buy GTA V for Xbox and PlayStation.

Here’s another thing: When Affleck was cast, people said that he is a rubbish actor because of films like Daredevil, or whatever other film they didn’t like. Let me ask you this – I thought The Dark Knight Rises was a terrible, god-awful film. Does that make Christopher Nolan a bad filmmaker? Christian Bale a bad actor? No of course it doesn’t. Sometimes people make bad movies, but that doesn’t mean that they are unable to make any good film at all or makes them bad actors.

What I’ve found over the years is that fans seem to think they have authority over who is cast, or what a franchise should do.

Let me make this crystal clear to you as well: just because you are a die-hard fan of something, does not mean you have any say or authority over who is cast in any role or what a franchise does.

Another prime example: When it was announced that Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson were cast as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades of Gray movie, fans, once again, blew up in a hissy fit. This was not who they wanted in the role. And right there is where the problem lies.

It wasn’t whom THEY wanted. It’s not about who YOU want in that role, it’s about who’s the best actor/actress for that role. Clearly the producers saw something in Johnson and Hunnam’s audition that made them the perfect fit for that role. The fans did not see their audition so they do not know whether they are right for the film or not.

Just because you read the book does not mean you know everything about this franchise.

99% of them people who complained about the casting were just upset that they didn’t get to see their sexual fantasies play out on the big screen. Women who wanted to see Matt Bomer as Christian just wanted him on screen so they could see him in sexual situations so they could see their fantasies come true. The same goes for men who wanted to see Emma Watson or Mila Kunis as Steele – they just wanted their fantasy to come true so they could then shut the door, lock it, and then watch the film “alone”.

The moron who opened the petition for Fifty Shades of Gray wrote in the description of his petition, which over 90,000 people have signed: “Matt Bomer is the perfect description of Christian Grey and Alexis Bledel is the perfect actress to represent Anastasia Steele and if they are not, nobody will be. And I read the whole trilogy and I can assure that Matt is the perfect actor for this movie and Alexis too.”

Excuse me for a second whilst I get my dictionary to look up the definition of an idiot … Huh … that’s interesting … it says here that that the definition of an idiot is … this guy.

But he’s not the only idiot who honestly believes this. He thinks that just because he read the books, that automatically means he KNOWS EVERYTHING about that franchise, about them characters, about who is the perfect person to play Steel and Grey.


The same goes for Batman fans, Superman fans, Twilight fans, Stephen King fans. Just because you are a passionate fan of a franchise, does not mean you know who is perfect for any role or what any franchise decides to do.

There is a reason you are called a “fan”, because you like something. That’s why you’re a fan. You’re not a casting agent, you’re not an executive producer, you’re not an actor, you’re not a writer, and you’re not a director. You’re a fan, nothing more, nothing less.

Now, you’re probably reading this and thinking, ‘so, I’m not allowed to have an opinion’. I know you’re thinking this because I’ve already had arguments with people about this very subject face-to-face. And once again, they don’t understand.

I’m not saying that you can’t have an opinion of something. What I’m saying is that when you start pushing your opinion as gospel and as FACT that is where you cross the line. Your opinion is just your opinion. That idiot that called for Bomer and Bledel for the Fifty Shades movie pushed his opinion as the correct one, as gospel, as fact. That is why he is an idiot.

Ben Affleck wouldn’t have been my first choice as Batman either, not because he isn’t a good actor because he is. There isn’t really any reason why he would not be my first pick but I just know I can list five other actors who I think could be great in that role. But I’m not sat here spewing off bull*** about him or the casting choice. Instead I’ll go see the film and if he’s not good in it then I will say so. I will say that IN MY OPINION, he was not good.

If everyone else would just adhere to this then we would all get along much better.

Those who claimed “victory” when GTA V was announced for PC are idiots.

This whole article has been burning inside me for a long time but I only decided to write it recently because of something that I recently reported on for the Roobla website.

A fan who opened a petition for a GTA V edition of PC recently claimed that he and his other 725,000 + signees where “victorious” because Rockstar finally announced an edition for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Again: how many of those 725,000 people bought that game? Probably 99% of them because just like every other fan boy around they get upset about something but they still spend their money on it.

That fan that opened the petition was not “victorious” nor was the other 725,000 people who signed it.

What they didn’t realize was that Rockstar probably had a PC edition planned since day freaking 1. But the impatient PC gamers refused to wait despite the fact that they waited for LA Noire on PC, Max Payne 3 on PC and GTA IV on PC. Do you honestly believe that Rockstar wouldn’t put a PC edition of their biggest franchise out? Answer that honestly.

So to sum up: Stop creating petitions. You’re wasting your time … and taking years off my age.

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  • Hi David, If you could add a few things to this review: tags, peaks and troughs, review criteria (star ratings) and a mini-review-description. also if you could shorten the article by around 200 words, that'd be great Dan
  • Hi Sally, Here is the link to this film. https://vimeo.com/108240825 password: 4r4wn0uT41V0rc3 So you know, the editors will need it reviewed by 19th February :) Please can you let me know you got this? Sam
  • Hi Dan, I emailed you about that before. Every time I enter a number for the score it disappears when I save it! I'll post them here: Acting: 3.5 Direction: 3 Enjoyment: 3 Screenplay: 3 Story: 3 Thanks!! Sally
  • Hi Kayley, Just need you to add one or two things to this otherwise wonderful review. If you could tick the relevant genre and year boxes, along with including some tags, and also fill in whatever film info you can from what's missing. Also, the 'peaks and troughs' and review criteria (star ratings for acting, etc). Dan
  • Hi Sammy, They have given me an online link for this film. Not a DVD as usual! https://vimeo.com/114758678 password: Posh1934 Is it possible to do the review by 6th Feb? :) Sam
  • Hey Sam, Loading the film now, hopefully my internet will work with me! Started filling in small bits of info and will start review once I've been able to watch it. :) Sammy.
  • Hi Gavin, Here is your 'Requested' new post. Please use this for uploading your review. I'm told that it is on its way to you in the post! Cheers, Sam
  • Hey Sam, I've written a draft review, ready for you to have a look at. Anything I've missed out or you think I should include just let me know and I'll amend it. Thanks! :) Sammy
  • Hi Max, This is an editorial comment. You can reply to these. This is where editors leave notes, tutorials and advice for their writers. I will list here any amendments so that you can pop back in and update them. It looks like you did really well, so it will not be a long list! - The title should be Review: Girls Season 4, Episode 1 - Iowa - You missed Hannah Horvath's actor name in brackets in the first paragraph. And that is it! Almost perfect. Your writing is also great. Superb stuff. I'm really impressed. I have changed the status of the article back to Draft so you can pop back in to make the amendments. All the best, Sam
  • Hi Sammy, Just a few things to pop back in and amend. - Titles (so film names, mostly) referenced or mentioned should be italicised. - For 'Website' in 'Film Info' you'd put the name of the website in the field you have already used and the url in the field underneath it. Make sure that the url has http:// at the beginning of it otherwise it will break. - You skipped passed the Peaks and Troughs. This is where you give a plus and a minus of the film. - You also skipped the review rating. You can do this just underneath where the peaks and troughs go by enabling and adding criteria one at a time. - You will also need to put a mini review of the film in the description box. This is used as the quote that will go to the PR companies and throughout the website to draw people in to your review. Try and keep it down to about 156 characters. - You should remove the tags '2014, film, cinema, film review, movie, review, romance and romantic comedies'. Tags should only be names. So names of films you have referenced (including the film being reviewed) and names of people referenced (including directors and actors). Remember that when you ready for an editor to edit your review you should change the status of the article to 'Pending Review'. This lets editors know that your article is ready. You can do this in the same area as where you save the article. I hope that all makes sense? Let me know if you have any trouble with anything :) Sam
  • Hi Kayley, How are you getting on with Dan's requested additions and amendments? Let me know if you get stuck anywhere as I'll be happy to help :) Regards, Sam
  • Hi Brielle, Thanks very much for this, just a couple of points. You should only tick one box in the 'type' section, ie one from news, review and feature. Just to check, is this a review? If so, you need to include some review criteria (star ratings for acting, etc), as well as peaks and troughs (the high/s and low/s of the the film). Also, with names you need to write these in lower case and in bold, not capitals. this does not apply to character names, these should be left in standard lower case script. Cheers, Dan
  • Nice article! Only a few minor alterations (punctuation, word repitition). Remember for next time that there's no need to add 'peaks and troughs' for a column - reserve that only for reviews. Good work! Fred
  • Just a couple of quick things to add. Remember to choose a 'Type' otherwise the article's URL will break. And as this is a column you should also select the categories 'Features' and 'Columns'. Great stuff. You've made me want to go. Sam
  • Hi Kayley, Just one more thing, you haven't actually said what the scores in the review criteria are for. Also if you could add one or two more scores, as two isn't really enough. Dan
  • Hi guys, The wrong rating system is used for this. Can I please get a star score out of 5 each for Acting, Direction, Enjoyment, Soundtrack and Story? If you can reply to this with your scores I'll add them to the review. Also, remember that this should have only be categorized under 'Film', 'Movie Reviews' and 'Reviews' and you should only tag names. So that would be actors in the film, the director and the name of the film. I have updated the article to remove unnecessary additions. I hope that makes sense. Let me know if you need any help! Sam
  • Hi Jimmy, Nice review! I'm look forward to reading your next review already. Just a few things to alter before we can send it off to Dan (our film editor) for review and publishing. I'll list them below so you can pop back in and make the amendments. - The first mention of a person's name should be in bold. So your first mention of Jesse Eisenberg should be in bold like I have done for you. You should also do the same for every other name that you reference. - Every time you reference a film (including the one being reviewed) it should be in italics. Like with names, the first reference of a film should always have the year in brackets after it. Unless it is the film being review, of course. - Your description would do much better at drawing people in if it was more of a mini-review rather than a description. Think about the min-review you'd send the film's PR company if they'd requested it from you. Try your best to keep it down to about 156 characters. - There are a couple of categories you missed. You should have also categorised under 'Film', 'Reviews' and 'Movie Reviews'. - For tags you should have put names of the people starring/involved in the film or referenced in your review. So the names of directors and actors. - You should also pick both the film's genres and the year of the film's release in their respective selection areas. You can usually find these near the bottom on, the right hand side of the edit page. Once you are done with editing your review change the status of the article to 'Pending Review' so that Dan is aware that your article is ready for publishing. I hope this all makes sense? If you get stuck anywhere, do not hesitate to let me know so I can help! Sam
  • Hi Tom, Here is the link to this film. https://vimeo.com/110159315 password: w1ngC4uN Can you have it done by the 25th March? Please let me know you got this. Cheers, Sam
  • Hi Fred, This film is on its way according to the distributor. The film is due out on the 23rd February so would it be cool to have it reviewed by the 18th? Cheers, Sam
  • Hi Tom, Just making sure you got this as the email system was down for some last week? See below. - Here is the link to this film. https://vimeo.com/110159315 password: w1ngC4uN Can you have it done by the 25th March? Please let me know you got this. Cheers, Sam
  • Hi Sammy, Just making sure you got this editorial comment as the email system was playing up for some last week. Please see below :) - Here is the video for this film! https://vimeo.com/105364566 Password: watchtower67 Let me know you got this please :) Sam
  • Hi Sammy, Dan tells me that he is stuck at his day to day job and will not have a chance to edit this today. I have changed it back to 'Draft' so you can make the changes you'd like. He did say your article was all good other than a few typos in the text. I wish I could help but English isn't my strength. Have a read through and see if you can spot them. Hope you are enjoying your evening! Sam
  • Hi Dave, I'm told this is in the post, so keep your eyes peeled. Please use this 'Requested' status new post to upload your review to the website. The film is out by the 9th March, so can you review it by the 4th? Cheers, Sam
  • Hi Sam, Sorry it's taken me a bit long to write up a review for this one (I've been doing a couple of internships). Hope it's okay. Sally
  • Hi Sammy, They have finally given me the link to this film. Here you go :) http://vimeopro.com/aceentertainment/playing-it-cool the password is : ace_pic Not sure when it is due out so I cannot set you a deadline. Enjoy! Sam
  • Hi Luke, Just one thing. As this is a news story you need to include the names, links, etc to your sources, which you will find in the section 'News Sources' above. Cheers, Dan
  • Hi Dan and Sam, This (short and sweet) review is written and checked etc. However I'm having trouble finding a picture? I've checked Wiki Commons to no avail, but maybe I'm doing it wrong (it's a strange website!) Let me know where to look or if you find one then feel free to post - I'm all done with it. Or I can post if you prefer. Fred
  • Hi Bahram, Great review, but is there any chance you could be a bit more specific with the review criteria? I.e., perhaps several categories such as acting, etc, rather than just one for overall score. Dan
    • Hi Dan, I've added a few categories. Not sure how to scale it to reach a certain number, but in case it comes out as incorrect, all should be 4.5 stars other than acting which is 5 stars. Also how do you choose the picture that is at the top of the review? If it can be anything let me know because I have the perfect suggestion which accompanies the review perfectly. Thanks, B
  • Hi Bahram, All's good with the review criteria now. Regarding the image, as long as the picture isn't a paparazzi style pic or connected with a product launch, it's normally ok, provided it's a minimum of 1000 x 500 in dimension. However, I would run all this by Sam first as he's the man in the know about the specifics. Dan
  • Hi Fred, I should be able to find a pic no worries. In the meantime, could you just fill in the peaks and toughs and review criteria please, then it should be good to go :) Dan
  • Hi Guys, I have tried to explain uploading and finding images in a little more detail on the VBM forum - take a look and see if it helps you at all for the future, Fred. Finding images can be a nightmare. https://roobla.com/groups/vbm-room/forum/topic/attaching-images-to-articles/ Cheers, Sam
  • Hi Kirsty I'm Max, the new TV editor. Nice work - it's great that you've covered the whole series episode by episode. Your enthusiasm for Dr Who is contagious. Can't wait to hear your next idea. I've made a few edits here and there, so have a read through and make sure you're happy with it. There's a few things for you to do too: - Mini-review - Review criteria (minimum of three) - you mention the acting so that could be one example. - Actors' names - the first mention of each character needs the actor's name in brackets and in bold. - Tags - on the right-hand side you'll see a box for tags, so you just need to fill in a few (eg. Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi etc) Once you've made the changes I can publish it. I'm going to go through the next episode tonight so that should be ready soon. Let me know if you need any clarifications. Thanks Max
  • Hi Kirsty This is a great wrap-up for the series. I really enjoyed reading it and your Dr Who expertise certainly comes across. I've made a few adjustments so take a look and let me know if you're happy with them. Also, same as the previous article, there are a few quick things you need to do: - Mini-review - Review criteria (minimum of three) - Actors' names - first mention of a character needs the actor's name in brackets and in bold. Also, the first mention of actors should be in bold (eg. John Simm) - Tags - just add a few in the 'Tags' box on the right-hand side (eg. Doctor Who, Jenna Coleman etc) Once that's all done, I'll go ahead and publish. Fantastic work. What ideas do you have for your next review? I'd love to hear them. Regards Max
  • Hi Tom I'm Max, the new TV editor. I've just published your article on The Sopranos. Just wanted to say that it's great work. I love the idea for your column - I've read the first couple too - and I can't wait for the next instalment. I made a few minor, cosmetic changes - a few hyphens here and there - but other than that I couldn't fault it. Great stuff. Please feel free to get in touch if you any other ideas for the TV section. Regards Max
  • Hi Tom - great work! Just one note - remember to put names (when first mentioned) in bold. Interesting article, with some good detail. Really enjoyed the read! Fred
  • Hi Gavin, I have been given an online screener of this film - are you okay with this? Here is the link https://vimeo.com/109242856 Password: cL053tB1t3r5 It is out 13th April. Cheers Gavin, Sam
    • Sorry for the delay Sam, yes, that will be fine. I know it's a while until its released so does it just need to be reviewed anytime before 13 April, or do you need this by an earlier date? Cheers Gavin
  • Hi Trish I've finished my edit now. This is an editorial comment that you can respond to from within the article page. You can also email me as normal if you prefer. First things first, really good job. As I said before, you bring plenty of personality to your writing. I especially like your little asides to the reader. I've made a few adjustments, so have a read through and make sure you're happy with it. I'll explain why I made some of the changes: - I liked the Gethsemane metaphor and the Ambien joke, but I think the references are probably a little too niche for the general reader. - I cut out the 'best quotes' bit at the end of the review. You've already included the best bits within your review, which is the perfect way to do it, so no need for the extra lines. I think it looks cleaner that way too. - Other than that, I trimmed a few words here and there, and made a few minor adjustments to the grammar, which you'll be able to see when you go through it. You've filled in all the peripheral info very nicely, but there's a couple of things you need to do before I can publish: - The title of the article should be - Review: The Mindy Project Season 3, Episode 14 - No More Mr. Noishe Guy - You missed the actress name for Lauren - In the 'Tags' box, add a couple more of the actors' names and remove 'Romantic Comedies' - Is there a UK release date? If so, fill that bit in. - Just for future reference, the 'Year' just needs to be the year of the episode you're reviewing - Episode Number and Season Number just need the actual number, so just the '3' and '14' I know these are minor changes, but letting you do them will hopefully make it easier when you come to do your next article. Let me know what you think, and once you've made the changes I can go ahead and publish. I'll revert it to 'Drafts' now so you can access it. Overall, fantastic work Trish! Can't wait for the next episode :) Regards Max
  • Hi again Max, So I just finished the second draft. I'm afraid I had to revert to some of the original sentences and makes some changes to your edit because it would have changed some of the facts in the episode's story. Thanks for helping out here. Just for my own reference, would I have to adopt a more British writing style; is the piece a little too Yankee?
  • Hi Steph, A very well-written news piece, but just a couple of issues. Unlike a review, news stories don't use the 'film info' box, or the 'review options' box. What you need to fill in here is the 'news sources' box, where you insert the title and URLs from the websites you have used. So for example, if it was from the guardian website, you'd put 'Guardian' in the source name section, followed by the link to the webpage in the source url. As you'll see, there's a maximum of three you can include. Also, if you could also include line breaks between each paragraph as well please. Hope that helps :) Dan
  • Hi Mark This is an editorial comment which you can respond to from within the article. You'll find it towards the bottom, underneath the text and review boxes. First things first, really good job. I'm impressed. I've made a few minor changes so the article feels more like a news story, a bit punchier, but overall I couldn't really fault it. A couple of things for next time: - Make sure you fill in a few tags in the 'Tags' section on the right-hand side (eg. Channel 4, Immigration Street, Love Productions) - You'll see I've filled in the 'Mini-review or Description' box. This is the brief subheading that appears just under the headline but before the main article. - For a news article, you only need to check the box for the current year. - Online news stories tend to have shorter paragraphs to keep the reader's attention, which you'll see in my edit. Other than those minor details, I was really pleased. Very well-written and thoughtful. I'll revert the article back to 'Drafts' now so you can have a quick look and make sure you're happy with it. Once you're done, move it back to 'Pending Review' and I'll go ahead and publish it. Thanks Max
  • Hi Dan, Here is the link to this film; https://vimeo.com/84327696 Password: BaTower7956a The film is out on the 2nd March :) Please use this 'Requested' status new post to write your review! Cheers, Sam
  • Nice work, David! Next time, however, don't set the article to 'Full' view unless the content demands it (HQ photo or video for instance). But it really was an interesting read, covering a nice variety of angles. Well done! Fred
  • Hi Kirsty Really good - you've done the tags and the actors' names. I just need you to do the review criteria (where you give stars for things like Acting, Direction, Enjoyment etc) and the mini-review (the sentence or two that appears below the headline when the article is published - you'll find the box just above the comments section in the draft). Once you've finished those, we're good to go :) Max
  • Hi Kirsty Same again with this one - just the review criteria and the mini-review to do. Other than that, perfect :) Also, I got your message about the news piece on Twin Peaks. That sounds great - reminded me I should really watch my box set of the original! - and I look forward to reading it when you're ready. Let me know when you've made the changes to the Doctor Who articles and I'll get them published. Thanks Max
  • Hi Trish This is fantastic stuff. You've obviously taken on board everything we discussed. I'm really impressed. I've only had to make some very minor changes, far fewer than last time. The only thing I need you to do is the review criteria (awarding stars for things like acting , directing etc). Just enable it in the box above and go from there. Any questions, just give me a shout. One little tip for next time: try to break up your writing a little bit more. This is particularly key when writing for an online audience. Lots of studies have shown that the attention span of the average online reader is getting shorter and shorter, and you'll notice that a lot of online articles have quite brief paragraphs. Dense walls of text tend to put internet readers off, unfortunately. Hopefully that explains why I've broken it up as much as possible. Just thought you'd be interested to know :) Have a read through. If there's anything you're not happy with, let me know in an email or editorial comment and I'll be happy to discuss it. All in all, you should really pleased. I am :) Give me a shout when you've had a read through and filled in the review criteria. I'll switch it to Drafts now. Max
  • Hi Mark, Sorry it's a bit late, but is there any chance you could make this article a bit longer, about another 100 words if poss. Just that news stories for Roobla should generally be hitting around the 300 mark. Also, could you add something in the mini-review description section as well. Cheers, Dan
  • Thank you Max, you'll make a good writer out of me yet. The article read so much better after your edit. I have no issues at this point. You can publish now, if you so wish. Cheers, Trish.
  • Hi Luke, I've put your article back into draft status as you mention towards the end that there are three factors, but there's only one bullet-pointed paragraph - just wondering if you've perhaps missed a couple of points. Also, if you could add something in the mini-review description section that would be great. One last thing, you only need to add sources to news stories, feature and reviews are ok without. Cheers, Dan
  • No problem at all Trish. You're a good writer already so I didn't have to do too much :) Just a quick note: the quote '2000 years old and yells at the newspaper' is in single apostrophes as it's an indirect quotation. And I've left wits' end with the apostrophe after the 's' - it can be used either way so if you prefer it after the 's', that's absolutely fine. I'm going to schedule the article to go out tomorrow morning so it gets a whole day of exposure on the site. Again, fantastic job. I'm looking forward to the next review already. Max
  • Apologies Mark, one thing I've overlooked is that you also need to include names and links in the 'news sources' area (maximum of three). Dan
  • Can't see the sources Mark, unless they've disappeared somehow. It's the box with the heading 'News Sources' and you just need to include the name of the website you used (eg, BBC News) and a link to the page. Dan
  • Hi Max, I just happened to check the article out in Preview mode and realised that something in the mini-description is a little off. The dinner is where the Castellanos learn about Mindy's baby. We, the audience, learned about it the episode before. Not too sure I can say that we're just finding out about it in this epi. What do you think?
  • Hi Trish Well spotted. I've changed it to: 'After finding out in the last episode that she's carrying Danny's baby, Mindy tries her best to ingratiate herself with his chaotic family' Is that ok? Max
  • Hi Ali Fantastic job. I really enjoyed reading it - very thoughtful and analytical. I especially liked the way you introduced it by looking at other TV spin-offs. I've made a few minor changes, just tidying up the writing and trimming it down slightly. I'll switch it back to Drafts so you can have a read through. If there's anything you're unhappy with, just let me know in an email or an editorial comment and I'll be happy to discuss it. Also, just a quick explanation: I've removed all the peripheral information - synopsis, cast etc - because that's only required for reviews, not features. All in all, great work. I'm really impressed. Let me know when you've had a look and I can go ahead and publish. Cheers Max
  • Hi Sam Great stuff. Nicely written and I like the tweets you've included. I've only made a few minor changes, mainly formatting, but have a read through and make sure you're happy with it. Once that's done, I'm happy to go ahead and schedule it for publication tomorrow morning. I'll switch it back to Drafts now so you can have a look. Thanks Max
  • Hi Luke I'm Max, the TV editor. Really great work, I enjoyed reading it. Certainly sounds like an interesting show! I just need you to do the review criteria. Enable it in the box above and add star ratings for criteria such as Enjoyment, Presenting, Direction etc. (minimum of three but you can do more if you like). And you can come up with your own criteria if you want to. I've also tightened up the article a bit, so have a quick read through and make sure you're happy with it. If there's anything you want to discuss, let me know in an editorial comment or an email and I'll be happy to do so. Quick note for next time: - The first mention of a name needs to be in bold. - Send me an email with your idea first, so we can discuss it and also so I know to expect an article from you. My address is: max.e@roobla.com All in all, fantastic job. Let me know when you've done the review criteria and I can go ahead and schedule it for publication. I'll switch it back to Drafts now so you can access it. Thanks Max
  • Hi Tom Fantastic stuff again. I really enjoy your column. Couldn't agree more with your opinion of The Wire - such a brilliant series. Just a few minor edits - tightening it up slightly - so have a quick read and make sure you're happy with it. Any problems, let me know. If not, I'll go ahead and schedule it for publication tomorrow morning. I'll switch it back to Drafts for you now. Thanks Max
  • Hi Ian, Another great read, just one thing - the source titles and links seem to be missing. If it's a case of you thinking you put them in, there's every chance that they might have just disappeared, as it's started to happen again over the last couple of weeks. If so, I'll give Sam a nudge. In the meantime, if you could have another go at it, that would be great. Cheers, Dan
    • Hi Dan, Sorry about that. I'm pretty sure I just forgot to include them after putting the copy onto the system. I've included them now. Again, sorry about that. Ian
  • Hi Dave, Our sports editor is away at the moment so I have had to quickly publish this before tonight's game. I'm not an editor so you it will not be perfect - sorry about that. There were quite a few things missing from the article, including formatting, selected categories and tags and the description, which in normal circumstances I would have asked you to pop back in and amend. I made up a description - let me know if you'd like me to change it to something else. Thanks Dave, Sam
  • Hi Trish Fantastic work. I love the way you've included a list of Lahiri family values as you go along. Really nice. Couple of things: - I need you to fill in the TV Info - synopsis, cast, episode no. etc - and the mini-review. - In the second paragraph, you mention a 'shame wedding'. Is that intended or do you mean 'sham wedding'? Perhaps 'shotgun wedding' might be a good description based on the context? Let me know. All in all, a great piece of work. I've haven't had to do much - mainly breaking it up as much as possible for the online reader, and a few really minor edits. Other than that, spot on. Let me know when you've filled in the things I mentioned. I'll switch it to Drafts now. Thanks Max
  • Ok Max, I went ahead and made the changes as you requested. I was able to include a title for the post last night; it even showed up on the preview. It's missing now. How do I update that? Also, do I have to include the actual name of the accountant in this episode like I do with the other characters? Thanks, Trisha.
  • That's great Trish. I'll schedule it to go out tomorrow morning. Don't worry about the accountant. You only need the actor in brackets if you explicitly use the character's name. Something odd obviously happened to your draft because I remember last time you had all the info filled in perfectly. It's probably just a little glitch in the system. Hopefully it won't happen when you draft the next review, but let me know if you notice anything funny. Really great work. I look forward to the next one :) Max
  • Hi Mark Great stuff. Really enjoyed reading it. Have a quick read through and check you're happy with everything before I publish. Obviously, it's perfect for Mother's Day, so if I don't hear back from you tonight, I'll go ahead with it tomorrow morning. If you're unhappy with anything, we can always adjust it later. Cheers Max
  • Hi Kirsty Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Nice work - I really like the examples you've used. How would you feel about writing a couple of paragraphs at the end, explaining why you think vampires are so popular on TV? I think it would round off the piece really nicely. Is it because they resemble humans? Because they morph from bats and we love a bit of animal shapeshifting (werewolves etc)? Is it the teeth? Their fascination with blood? What makes them so appealing? Let me know what you think. Thanks Max
  • Hi Steph, Apologies for being late with this one, I didn't check emails yesterday. Unfortunately, it did get lost last week. Just a couple of things here, could you by any chance give this review some specific review criteria (eg, acting, direction), also could you add the peaks and troughs. Lastly, I personally think it would be better if what you've written for the synopsis and the mini-review were the other way round. Overall though, a great review. Dan :)
  • Hi Ben Fantastic work. You write very well, and I'm really impressed with the amount of thought and effort you've put in. Great job. I've only had to make minor edits - mainly trimming it down slightly and breaking it up for online readers. A couple of things: - I need you to fill in the review criteria. You'll find the box underneath the main text. Just add a few criteria, such as Acting, Enjoyment, Writing (minimum of three but you're welcome to add more) and rate them. If you need any help with this, just give me a shout. - The only bit I'm confused about is the lawyers. From what I understand, Jocelyn Knight is the prosecutor and Bishop the council for the defence. Your review seems to have them the other way round. Is this just a mix-up with the names? Also, quick note: you're welcome to have a read through and make sure you're happy with everything, but please don't make any changes to the text without telling me. If there's anything you want to change, I'm more than happy to discuss it before I publish. I'll switch it back to drafts now so you can fill in the review criteria. Thanks! Max
  • Hi Patrick, Just a few things to note about your review's formatting and completion. I will list them below so you can pop back in and make the amendments. - First mention of people's names (not character names) should be in bold. - Every first mention of a character must have the actor's / artist's name in brackets next to it. - Film names must be in italics and with its first mention having the film's year of release in brackets after it. - Your review ratings are missing - please visit http://how.roobla.com/#review-options for details on how to give your review a star rating out of 5. - You are missing a few categories - without them your review will never see the light of day. You also need to select 'Reviews, Movie Reviews and Film' - You tagged items you did not need to. You should remove the tags 'Review and Comedy' and add the tag 'Get Hard'. I hope that all makes sense to you? I have changed the status back to draft so that you can make the amendments. Without it being set to draft any changes you make will be lost. I have also done the same to your Chappie review. Although, I have not heard back from Dan yet about if this film review has been claimed by another writer or not. Change your review back to Pending Review once you are done with the amendments so that we can press ahead with getting it published. Don't worry if this is a little overwhelming. It gets much easier after a couple of goes. If you have any questions, please let me know. Cheers, Sam
  • Hi Steph, It looks as though you need to add separate categories for the review criteria, as just giving a straight general star rating doesn't show up on the site. At least three categories would be good, but four would be even better - if you need any help with that just give me a shout. Acting, direction and enjoyment are good ones usually. Other than that, it's all set to be published. Dan
  • Hi Steph, Unfortunately it looks as though the criteria hasn't saved - which is a problem some have encountered in the past. If you want you can email them to me and I'll add them, or you can have another go if you want. Dan
  • Hi Tom Fantastic job as always. I've scheduled it to go out tomorrow morning. Quick question. In the last sentence, you say you'll be back 'next week' to look at 24. Was that just a mistake? I assumed it was so I've changed it 'next month', but I'm more than happy for you to write something every week :) Cheers Max
  • Hi David, Just need you to do some specific review criteria (eg, acting, direction, storyline, etc). Other than that, good job with the review. Dan
  • Hi Mark, Sorry to hear you're having problems at the mo. Is there any chance you could add a couple of bits n' pieces to this? Fill in some of the film info box (title, synopsis, director, release date, etc), peaks and troughs and also do some specific review criteria (star ratings). If you have a go at these I can then go ahead and publish. A great read anyway. Cheers for now, Dan
  • Hi Luke Fantastic work. Really enjoyed reading it. I like the way you've focused mainly on Cucumber before looking at Banana and Tofu. The balance is spot on. Just a couple of things I need you to do: - The first mention of a name should be in bold (eg. Russell T Davies). This doesn't include the show's characters. - The first mention of a character should have the actor's name in brackets immediately after, in bold. - You just need to fill in the Tags box on the right. This should include actors, writers, the name of the show etc. Maximum of ten. Once you've done those, give me a shout and I'll schedule it for publication. Great job Luke! Cheers Max
  • Hi Mark, Great review but just a couple of points: Firstly, you need to fill in what you can of the 'film info' section, and you also need to do some review criteria rather than put a star rating at the end of the piece. Remember also that the first mention of any person's name (although not characters in the film) should be in bold lettering. Cheers, Dan
  • You actually need to do specific categories, acting, direction, storyline, for example. If you click on 'add review criteria' each time you need to add a category, it should become clear from there. Dan
  • Hi Patrick Great stuff. Definitely sounds like a show worth watching. You've filled in all the peripheral info perfectly. I've just made a few minor adjustments to the article to tidy it up slightly, so have a quick read through and make sure you're happy with everything. Let me know if you have any questions. Once that's done, I'll schedule it for publication. Nice work Patrick. Cheers Max
  • Hi Ben Fantastic stuff again. I've scheduled it to go out tomorrow morning. Couple of little things for next time: - Double-check spelling of names - It's a feature rather than a review, so you only need to fill in Categories, Tags and Type. - The mini-review will be the same every week, so don't worry about that. Anyway, another great job Ben. Looking forward to the next one already. I'm sure Ramsay will have something for you :) Cheers Max
  • Hi Tom Nice work. Sounds like an intriguing show. I'll have to get around to watching it. I've scheduled the review to go out tomorrow afternoon. Have a great weekend! Cheers Max
  • Hi Sammy, I seem to have trouble using the video controls of this video when previewing. Do you know if there is a version of it available on YouTube or Vimeo at all that we can embed instead? Sam :)
  • Hi Gavin, I have had confirmation that this will be in the post to you soon. Please use this as your space to upload your review. Cheers, Sam
  • Hi Ben Fantastic work. Loved the little aside about Theon :) Ramsey was on his best behaviour this week, but I'm sure it won't be too long before he does something really shameful. Here's hoping! Cheers Max
  • Hi Tom Fantastic stuff again. I've scheduled it to go out tomorrow afternoon. You'll notice I've kept the mini-review similar to last month's. I do this with my own regular features. I think it helps to briefly get across what the column is about without having to explain it in the text every time. And it feels more consistent for the reader. Let me know what you think. We can always change the wording if you're not happy with it. Anyway, nice job Tom. Have a great weekend. Cheers Max
  • Hi Ben Great job again. I think you dealt with the controversy very well. Also, I just wanted to say thanks for your effort and for getting the articles in nice and early every week. I'm enjoying them, and they're doing really well on the site too, so nice one. Cheers Max
  • Hi Matt *This is an editorial comment, which I'll send after every article. Hopefully, you'll get a notification via email. To respond, you can either email me as normal or post a reply in the 'Editorial Comments' box under the text.* Fantastic first article. It's actually an opinion piece, which is even better than a straightforward news story, so nice one. We like opinionated writing. As such, I've categorised it as a feature. This means the title needs reworking slightly. Perhaps something like 'Game of Thrones rape controversy: Calls for boycott too extreme'? Have a think and let me know. Then, in the mini-review/description, you can mention Claire McCaskill and the growing anger towards the show. I've made a few adjustments to the text - just a bit of tidying up, nothing major. It was nicely written. The only notes I have are to do with formatting and our house style, which is completely understandable given it's your first article. I'll let you make the changes so you can get used to them for future reference. Here goes: Italics - all mentions of a show should be in italics (eg. Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead). Names - first mention of a character should have the actor's name in bold and in brackets immediately after it. Also, first mention of other real names should be in bold (eg. Brian Cogman, George RR Martin). Spelling - double-check spelling of names. Shows like Game of Thrones can throw up some awkward names, so just give them a quick google (eg. Khaleesi, Khal Drogo - I've already changed these so don't worry this time). TV Info - this stuff is only for reviews, so if you're writing a feature or news story, don't worry about filling it in. Also, some of the boxes on the right - Year, Genre, Country of Origin - are reserved for reviews. News sources - again, for features, you don't need to fill this in. That's it really. Just a bit of formatting, and reworking the title and description. I'll switch it back to Drafts so you can make the changes, and you can move it to Pending Review when you're happy with it. All in all, great job Matt. I really enjoyed reading it. Well done embedding the tweets too. Little things like that are great for online readers. Cheers Max
  • Hey Kirsty Great stuff. Glad he's back on board. I've scheduled the article for tomorrow morning. Looking forward to your Poldark review too. Hope you're enjoying the bank holiday! Cheers Max
  • Hi Trish Fantastic stuff. I haven't had to do much at all. I just need you to fill in more of the TV Info - synopsis, writers, starring etc. - and write the mini-review/description. Then we're all set. Glad you're back writing again Trish :) Cheers Max
  • Hi again Max, I have completed the TV info parts. Just in case the mini-description part remains empty, this is what I had for it: "Mindy resorts to extreme lengths to convince patients to patronise her new clinic. Adrian, the new doctor, clashes with the nurses at Schulman & Associates." Maybe it will upload to the article better from your end. Thanks for all your help, Trish.
  • Hey Trish Thanks for filling in the info. Weird that it disappears after you upload the article - I'll see if I can get to the bottom of the issue. I'll let you know if I figure it out. Anyway, it's all there now so I've scheduled publication for tomorrow at 5pm. Great stuff Trish. Look forward to reading the next one :) Max
  • Hi David, This is the new article where you should write your review once you are ready. Dan is aware that the film is embargoed until July. Cheers, Sam
  • Hi Matt Great stuff. Thanks for making the changes. I've scheduled it for publication tomorrow morning at 9am. Let me know if you have any ideas for your next article :) Cheers Max
  • Hey Trish Another great review. Nice one :) I've made a few changes to tighten it up slightly, so have a quick read through and make sure you're happy with it. Any problems, let me know and we can discuss it. I'll switch it back to Drafts for you, and once it's ready, I'll probably schedule it for Monday or Tuesday, so there's a little break from the last one. Cheers Max
  • Hi Ian, Great write-up, just one thing. Could you possibly add another paragraph or two just so that the article is nearer the 300-word mark, please? I've got an early start at work tomorrow but should have this on the site by the afternoon. Dan
  • Hi David Nice job. Unfortunately, because I'm away for the next few days, I've had to make the changes myself, but there are a few things for next time: - Actors' names in brackets - Tags - Mini-review/description - TV Info - Title - Italics Sorry I don't have time to go through it with you more thoroughly, but I will do next week. Have a read through the article - I've just published it - and you'll get an idea of what to do in future. But great job, David. And thanks for getting it in promptly, especially with the wifi struggles you've had! Cheers Max
  • Hi Simon, I'm impressed. You have grasped our editing styles with no issues at all. If there was one thing to pick up on it would be that you did not choose 'Features' and 'Top Lists' as categories. Everything else is spot on. I will ask an editor to have a quick run through your writing as that is a weakness of mine. This is an editorial comment by the way. You can reply to these via the post itself, or by using your email client. Although, when using your email client there is no record of your reply on the system. Cheers, Sam
  • Hi Tom, This is your 'Requested' status new post. Please use this when uploading your review to help us keep track of who has requested what. Cheers, Sam
  • Hi Paul, That was a good read. Thanks for that! A couple of things to note about your submission. - You forget your apostrophes when something belongs to someone/thing. Keep an eye out for those - I think I have amended the majority of them. - You only missed one main category 'Features'. There are 4 main categories outside the 8 subjects. 'Features', 'Reviews', 'News' and 'Videos'. They make sure the article shows up where it should throughout the site. - The article could do with some tags. Example tags for this would be 'Champions League Final 2015', 'Cristiano Ronaldo', 'Juventus', 'Barcelona', 'Paul Pogba'. etc - The article needs a description. This is a 156 character sentence used throughout the site and where the article is shared. and a couple of little things where you forgot to choose an option for 'Is this a review?' and 'Game' where you would have chosen 'No' and 'Football'. With regards to your article, is there any significance to the way the lists are styled? The Barcelona list has a margin-left of 120px. I have changed the status of this article back to draft so you can pop back in to make the remaining amendments. Cheers, Sam
  • Hi Sam Thanks for making those amendments for me, I am the first to admit that my proof reading needs some work, I can read something dozens of times and still not notice things like missing apostrophes or even spelling mistakes. With regards to the lists, I have only this week started learning html, and may have gotten a bit far ahead of myself. I am not sure how i did it, but I somehow gave the Barcelona list a large margin and could not find a way to change it back, so to answer your question, no, there is no significance behind that styling. Next time I write I will take more care to check all the right boxes and options, I was just a bit flustered last night and perhaps over eager to get the article to you. I have written a short review for you and added some tags. Cheers Paul
  • Hi David Thanks for getting your review in nice and early, especially after such an eventful episode :) There's a couple of things for you to do before I go through it thoroughly: - Actors' names need to be in bold - The show's name should be in italics wherever mentioned - The format for the title is slightly different - TV info needs to be filled out (I find IMDB helpful for this, or sometimes Wikipedia will have episode info) - Numbers from one to ten should be written out (eg. seven instead of 7) Have a quick look at last week's review and it should give you an idea of what to do - https://roobla.com/tv/review/48049/review-game-of-thrones-season-5-episode-8-hardhome/ Thanks David. It's only your second TV review, so it's perfectly normal to have a few formatting issues. Hopefully, as you make the changes, you should get more used to it. Let me know when you're ready and I'll take another look. Cheers :) Max
  • Hi David Great stuff. A lot to cover in that episode and you did it well :) Couple of little things for next time: - it's just the first mention of a character that requires the actor's name - keep an eye on the spelling of names - fill out the review criteria That's it really David. Nothing major. All in all, fantastic job. I've scheduled it to go out tomorrow morning at 9am. Cheers Max
  • Hi Ben Fantastic work again. I've scheduled it for tomorrow morning at 9am. Only one left now! Unless you wanted to do a round-up after the series ends? Your Top Five Shames or something along those lines? Let me know what you think. Cheers Max
  • Hi Scott, This article feels a little bit rushed. Have a good read through and see if you can jig a few things around a bit. With the transfer window opening this week I thought it could be better to make this a transfer window opening piece rather than a season ending piece. I have reworded the title, the description and the opening paragraph so you can see what I mean. Also, take a look at our how-to's formatting guidelines for names. Each first mention of a person should be in bold. Cheers, Sam
  • Hi Matthew, A great review - well done - but just one thing I need from you before we can publish it. I just need you to add some review criteria, which is usually star ratings for acting, direction, storyline, etc. In the case of Jurassic world it would also be good to give a score for animatronics, effects and the like, but it's entirely up to you which ones you choose (usually four or five categories is enough. If you're not sure how to do this, give me a shout, or you could always email the scores to me and I'll add them for you. One other thing, unfortunately when it comes to reviews the titles are strict and have to be 'Review: Film's name (year). you will notice however, that I've used your title in the mini-review box instead so that it will still appear on the article. Hope that's ok. Dan
  • Hi Steph Great stuff, especially considering you're busy with exams. You picked out some interesting aspects from the Q&A, and you'll notice I've changed the headline to be a bit more attention-grabbing. The formatting was good - names in brackets etc - so nice one. As it's a news article, I've taken out the TV info and a few of the categories because they're reserved for reviews, but you'll get used to the system as you submit more articles. I've scheduled it for publication tomorrow morning at 9am. As the PR company want something published close to the release, which was yesterday, I can't really go through it with you thoroughly, but in future I'll have more time to explain my edits and get you to make the changes yourself. You're more than welcome to have a read through it, and if there's anything you're unhappy with, or have a question about, just give me a shout. Great job Steph :) Max
  • Hi David Great job again. And what an ending! Didn't see that coming at all. I also just wanted to say a big thanks for filling in at short notice for the last three episodes. I really enjoyed reading your reviews. Be sure to let me know if you have any ideas for more TV articles/reviews. Cheers Max
  • Hi Paul, Is this a news or feature article? I see you have chosen both in the categories and only feature in the Type. If it's a news piece the length is fine, if it's a feature it needs to be at least double what it already is. I have changed the status of the article back to Draft so that you can pop back in and decide. Let me know if you need any help deciding. Cheers, Sam
  • Hi Sam Definitely meant to be a feature, I must have hit the news box by mistake. The original piece i saved as pending review had around 900 words, however when logging back in now to edit and add to it, most of it has gone and I can not seem to find it. If it is lost then I don't mind rewriting it, but if you can tell me a way to get it back then I would appreciate that. Regards Paul
  • Hi Paul, It looks like it has gone, I'm afraid. Sorry about that. If there was something that you edited after you saved as Pending Review it will not have saved. I cannot seem to see any revisions either, which it usually saves. There's even a duplicate draft of this article but it also does not have what we are looking for. I hope it won't take you too long to write again! Cheers, Sam
  • Hi Ben I've just scheduled the last Shame of Thrones for tomorrow morning. Just wanted a big thanks for all your effort. You've done a fantastic job. I've really enjoyed reading the column, and it's been very popular on the site too, so nice one :) Be sure to let me know if you have any ideas for future TV articles/columns/reviews, or if you fancy doing some kind of Shame of Thrones round-up. Cheers Ben Max
  • Hi Paul, As this article is quite long, it might be worth sectioning it into sub-titles? And/Or shortening it down a bit. Apart from that and a few bolds, it seems good to go! Cheers, Sam
  • Hi Ed, Really good stuff. I've made some changes to the lay out. An image or video per year would look great. Take a look at 1995 where I've put a video as an example. Would you be able to find images and videos you'd like for each one? We can look to get this article published the day before or on the day of Glastonbury starting. Let me know what you think. Cheers, Sam
  • Good to see some cricket content as we have been very light on alternative sports to football recently (largely down to my narrow sporting knowledge). Well done, very in depth. Posting now.
  • Hi Scott, You are right in warning me. This article is ginormous! We need to think of a way to trim it down or do something else with it because no reader will ever get to the bottom. And we want readers to read every word you publish, otherwise what's the point? What about if you split it into a series of articles, one for each decade from the 60s or 70s onwards? And do each one as a top 10? I have attached Harriet into our convo so she can chip in. She's good at solving stuff like this :) Please use this Editorial Comments within the post to reply rather than via email so we can keep tabs on the article's progress better. Sam
  • Hi Sam, why don't we cut it into either for parts with 5 entries in each? Or 2 parts with 10 entries? And publish one part each day or every other day.
  • Hi Scott, The issue with doing that is a reader will not want to have to click again to start with your first article if they were to stumble into part 2, 3 or 4. You have to treat readers like they are lazy, because they mostly are. They're here for entertainment or information and they want access to it as quickly as they can get it. Each of the articles will need to be an article in their own right and not an extension of another article. Which is why I suggested the per decade idea. Each of those will all have their own SEO benefits, too. The other option is to split the article into pages, but you'll find a dramatic drop off of readers by the 2nd page. Have a good a think because we do not want to waste any of what you've written if we can help it. Cheers, Sam
  • Hey Sam, As you can see nothing I am doing re the videos is working. I don't know what else to do, but if you know how to successfully embed the videos can you please do that for me? I've tried all different html's but to no avail. Thank you! Sammy.
  • Good stuff and great detail. A few minor grammatical errors which I've changed, also we need to write 'Premier League' rather than 'premiership' - an archaic term. Don't worry - I've done it loads of times. I also paragraphed the piece a bit more to give it room to breathe. Posting now!
  • Hi Sam and Scott, Apologies for coming to this a bit late, my day job has been a tad mental the past two days! Hmm, I see the problem :) I agree that pages would probably not work very well, so it looks like separate articles are the best option. I think four would drag it out too much though, so two articles of ten entries each is probably best in my opinion, perhaps with some images to break the text up a bit? What do we reckon? Then there's the question of how to publish them, though - would it be a good idea to publish them simultaneously, (with a link in the first one leading straight to the second one) so the readers won't have to wait around for part 2? (Failing that, turning it into a decade by decade series, as Sam suggested, could be a goer, but that would involve Scott doing a lot more work, so it'd be totally up to you whether you want to have a crack at it) Harriet
  • Scott's email to me from earlier as his work system blocks the site... "I understand your point. But this is a countdown of the best albums. If you break it up into decades, then you lose that. I am happy to do the pages idea, but I still think we should break it up into 5s. Please just let me upload it as that."
  • Hi guys, What about if we turn it into a gallery with text? A like you would get on WhatCulture.com? The article would end up being 20 pages, each with its own image and the seo of the page wouldn't suffer. It would also be interesting to see what response we get from readers for an article in this format. It would mean some coding for me but I wouldn't mind the challenge. Cheers, Sam
  • Okay guys. Take a look at what I have created. It is a paged gallery. At the moment there are no images, but by previewing the article you can see how the article is being formatted. To create a gallery like this 'Gallery' must be the Type selected and to separate the article into pages you use the new 'Page Break' button that I have now placed in the Visual Editor. Let me know your thoughts! If you are happy to go ahead with this new type of article Scott, have a look and see if you can find 20 images that will go well with each of the top 20 and we'll get it published! Try your best to find images that are at least 600px width. Cheers, Sam
    • I'm really liking the gallery format - I actually think this'll work better than splitting it up into separate articles, plus it'll be useful in the future for any longer listicles :)
  • Hi Scott Great stuff. Really enjoyed the review, and you've filled in all the peripheral info perfectly, so nice one. Just one little thing for next time - only the actors' names need to be in bold, not the characters. Apart from that, spot on. I've scheduled it to go out at 5pm today. Cheers Scott. Look forward to your next TV article. Max
  • Hi guys, You have to be so careful with the images you use. Where did you get them from? One of them says copyright Getty Images on it and they are very vicious when it comes to illegal use of their property. I've deleted all the images to be safe. Sam
  • Hi Luke Fantastic work. It was a really interesting read, and well-written too. Have to admit I'm no expert on comics, but Judge Dredd sounds like it would make an awesome TV show! I've scheduled it to go out at 11am this morning. Let me know if you have any other ideas for TV articles. Happy to hear them :) Nice one Luke. Cheers Max
  • Hi Luke Brilliant review. You managed to keep it light-hearted and entertaining despite the subject matter, which is great. And I couldn't agree more with your little digs at Murdoch :) I just need to you to fill in the review criteria. Just create a minimum of three categories and give them a star rating - Enjoyment, Direction, Presentation, that sort of thing. You're welcome to come up with your own if you want. I'll switch it back to Drafts so you can make the changes, and once you're done, move it back to Pending Review and I'll schedule it for publication. Great job Luke. Really enjoyed it. Max
  • Hey Max, Thanks! I like to throw as many digs as at Murdoch and his ilk as I can, the target's just too big to miss! I've added the review criteria, Thanks, Luke
  • Hi - A few things for next time: - All names must be in Bold. - Although I also like the effect, website policy is really that no sentence should be emboldened unless it is a header or the opening paragraph. Otherwise I really like the article! And I'm posting now.
  • Hi Steph, Nice review :) To save you a little time in the future, there is no need to include your sources for film reviews. They are only for news articles. Sam
  • Really nice and detailed. Next time work on it being snappier, without compromising any of this great detail. Also, remember to tag names mentioned in the article, and to select your category. I really enjoyed the read and I totally agree with the list!
  • Good stuff. To improve on future posts, try to work on the flow of your writing. You tend to use a lot of full stops and it interrupts the fluidity of what you're saying, the content of which is actually really good.
  • Great stuff again Tom. Ashamed to admit I haven't seen it yet, but I might have to borrow my dad's box set after reading this :) I've scheduled it to go out tomorrow morning by the way. Have a great weekend, and I look forward to The X-Files. Cheers Max
  • Hi Matthew, Just a couple of things before I publish. Firstly, it needs some review criteria (I reviewed a documentary earlier this year and used direction, editing and enjoyment as three review criteria, if that's any help). Also could you add a synopsis in the film info section please? Cheers, Dan
  • Hi Mark, I have done as much as I can. The article needs a mini-review and the review rating. You have until the 28th of August (to be published on the 30th) to do these bits so no huge rush. Cheers, Sam
  • Nice article - just watch the flow of your sentences. Example - You wrote 'There's a lot of football to be played from now until the end of the season. With excitement and entertainment guaranteed.' I've changed it to: 'There's a lot of football to be played from now until the end of the season, with excitement and entertainment guaranteed.' Only a tiny change - a full stop to a comma, but it helps the flow. Do you get what I mean? Sorry for the late post by the way!!
  • All done Tom. It'll go out at 9am tomorrow. Just wanted to say thanks for all the effort you've put into 'Remembering...' over the past ten months. It's been great fun reading the column and it's sad to see it go - hopefully someone will decide to pick up where you left off. Can't wait to hear your ideas for a new column whenever you're ready :) Cheers Max
  • Hi James, Just some formatting within the article required here before I can publish it. Take a look at http://how.roobla.com/#format on the how-to for help. Thanks James, Sam
  • Hi Ed, Looks like Dan beat me before I had a chance to even look at your email. Could you please resend your email also CCing Dan? I accidentally deleted it when reading it using my phone. Cheers, Sam
  • Morning folks. Just a tiny time saver... There's no need to bold the first paragraph of your article as the site does it for you automatically on the front end. Hope that saves you at least 10 seconds! Sam
  • Hi Olivia Fantastic stuff, I'm really impressed. It's well-written, engaging, and the formatting's pretty spot on. Not bad for your first attempt :) I only have some minor details to mention, just for future reference: - Numbers from one to nine should be written as words (ie. two not 2). From 10 onwards, you can just use the number. - For features, you don't need to fill out any TV info or use the boxes for Genre, Year, or Country of Origin. These are reserved for reviews. If it says something different in the how-to guide, apologies for the confusion. - In the Categories box, tick 'TV' too. - When you're ready for me to look at an article, switch it from Drafts to Pending Review using the Publish box at the top right of the page. If there are changes to make, I can switch it back to Drafts for you to edit. That's it really. Very minor stuff. I've made all the necessary changes so these notes are just for future reference. Have a quick read through the article, make sure you're happy with everything, and change it to Pending Review when you're ready. Then I'll get it published asap, well before Wednesday's final :) Great job Olivia. Cheers Max
  • Hi Luke Great stuff. Really interesting angle on the cartoon genre. I've scheduled it to go out tomorrow morning at 9am, and apologies again for the slight delay. Cheers :) Max
  • Hi Olivia Fantastic stuff again, really funny and well written. And well done for writing without spoilers - not easy! I've made a few minor changes - some unnecessary hyphens here and there, a couple of punctuation marks - but other than that, perfect. Also, this is a more of a personal thing, but I've changed most instances of 'it is' to 'it's'. I think it suits your style to be a bit more informal, especially with this sort of writing, and I think it reads better from an editor's point of view. Again, this is a personal preference so let me know if you feel differently. You've filled in all the peripheral info nicely too. Just to let you know, you're more than welcome to add a few more criteria for the star ratings if you want to - three is just a minimum. Up to you, but I thought I'd tell you in case you weren't aware. I'm ready to publish, but have a quick read and make sure you're happy with it before I do. Great job Olivia. Cheers Max
  • Hi Olivia Fantastic stuff. You've added some nice little details and opinions rather than just listing off a bunch of shows, which is perfect. I really enjoyed reading it. All your formatting is pretty spot on. I've just tidied up the text slightly - watch those hyphens :) - but nothing major. Have a quick read through and make sure you're happy with it. Once you've done that, let me know and I'll publish. And give me a shout if you have any more ideas. If you're interested and have the time, you could have a think about writing a regular TV column? I think you'd be really suited to it. We had a guy who wrote a monthly column - on top of other reviews etc. - called 'Remembering...', which looked at some of the best shows in TV history. Unfortunately, he's stopped now, but it's a good example to get the creative juices flowing. Let me know what you think. No pressure at all. Max
  • Hi Luke Just published your piece. Great job. Really enjoyable read. I think you summed up 'sob stories' perfectly :) Let me know what you're planning to do next - look forward to it. Cheers Max
  • Hi Luke I've edited a few paragraphs, but before I go any further I just need you to do a couple of things: - Names of TV shows all need to be in italics. I've done a few but just change the remaining ones. - First mention of a character needs the actor's name in brackets and in bold immediately after - see Rye Gerhardt above for an example. - This one's up to you really. I've had to put the spoiler warning on because there's obviously a few plot spoils in there. This is fine as long as the spoilers don't get too major. If you think some spoilers are unnecessary, just take them out and let me know. If there are no major spoilers, I can consider removing the warning. One way to avoid spoilers is to focus more on your opinion of the show, perhaps using a few teasers instead, and maybe bringing in a few comparisons with the previous series. Let me know what you think. Once you've made the changes and you're happy with it, move it back to Pending and I'll finish off the edit. By the way, all peripheral info looks good, and I really like the mini description :) Cheers Luke. Max
  • Great stuff Luke, I've just published it. Thanks for making the changes. Couldn't agree more about the show - so brilliant. Look forward to your next piece. Cheers Max
  • Hi Olivia I think I saw a brief clip of this show on Gogglebox and it looked insane, so I was looking forward to reading your review. Again, great job. You explained the show well - easier said than done with something this weird - and it was a really entertaining read too. One minor thing: you didn't fill out any star ratings in the review criteria. I'll switch it to Drafts so you can add them, and once you're done just move it back and I'll publish. Max
    • Hi Max, Classic Gogglbox - always makes me watch stuff I never normally would! Apparently there is going to be a Christmas special of RTH so I advise you tune in to feel bewildered haha. I'm sorry I left out the star rating I did do that deliberately because I didn't know it needed one and I literally didn't know what categories could possibly apply... but I guess it needs to be clear from the link if it is a positive or negative one so have done so! Thank you so much as always for your excellent editing! Olivia
  • Hi Dan, Remember you asked me about the new feature column option in post settings? Well I thought this article would be a good one to trial it. Usually the feature column should have 1000 words, but it's worth seeing how it looks when below that count. Let me know what you think of the new layout :) Sam
  • All done Olivia :) Thanks for adding the ratings. Understand the confusion with it being a game show, but I like the categories you picked. I'll definitely tune in for the Xmas special. Sounds tense and a bit mental, but good fun - not dissimilar to Xmas lunch with my family! Let me know if you have anything else on the horizon. Max
  • Hi Luke Hope you had a great Xmas and New Year. Good to hear from you. Pretty withering review! Certainly won't be watching this. But brilliantly written and very entertaining, so nice one. I've just published it now. Let me know what you're planning next. Look forward to it. Thanks Max
  • This is one of the best written articles I've seen from you. It flows very nicely and includes longer sentences. However I'd really like to see some analysis from you in the future as well as pre/post event reports. I think you could be even better at analysing the career of a darts player, the season so far for a team, and passing opinion on why things went as they did.
  • Just published this Luke, apologies for the slight delay. Great work. Interesting to see how much the genre has developed over the years. Give me a shout if you have any more ideas. Cheers Max
  • Hi Olivia Hope you're well. Just published this now - apologies for the slight delay. I've added a few pics and removed a couple of hyphens :) but that's it. Pretty flawless. And entertaining too. It's a great angle for a listicle and you made some interesting choices. Can't wait for Upstart Crow! Let me know if you have any other ideas in mind. Thanks Max
  • Hi Dean, I moved the pictures from inside the content to the 'featured image' area. On the how-to website you'll see an image of the place where you attached the featured image. http://how.roobla.com/#images Cheers, Sam
  • Hi Ian, I'm just being cautios here. Where did you get the left aligned image from? I'm only asking because it looks like a paparazzi type image which may have some copyright attached. Thanks, Sam
  • Hi Madison, Welcome to Roobla! I hope you have settled in okay. Could you help me with an image for this article, please? If you could provide me with a link to an image that is at least 1000px wide that would be a great help :) I wouldn't want to choose the wrong image! Thank you, Sam
  • Hi Sam, Try this: http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/ccs/images/c/cc/Illustration_03_38.png/revision/latest?cb=20130901164012 It's the least pink one I could find! Regards, Madison
  • Great stuff Ben. It'll go out tomorrow morning at 9am. Just keep an eye on the spelling of actors' names and put a few tags in the box on the right-hand side. Apart from that, perfect :) Look forward to next week's column! Cheers Max
  • Hi Ben Great job. Difficult episode to shame - it was so good! - but you did it well. I've scheduled it for tomorrow morning at 9am. Look forward to the next one. Hopefully they make it a bit easier this time :) Cheers Max
  • Hi Dan, The senetence "from Roobla's very own Sam Hall" sounded a bit like I'd made the trailer so I just removed that bit rather than editing it. Hope you do not mind. Cheers, Sam
  • Hi Olivia Hope you're well. I've just published this now. Very entertaining as always. I made a couple of little changes, including the last sentence - I think the diary line works a little better if you were intending it to be a joke - but let me know if you don't like it. Anyway, fantastic stuff. Always look forward to reading your articles :) Cheers Max
  • Great job Ben. Very entertaining, What an episode that was - especially the finale. The column will go out tomorrow at 9am. Look forward to more shamings next week :) Cheers Max
  • Great job Ben. Just published it now. Really enjoyable read. Definitely more shameful things to pick out this week. Just one tiny thing: Keep an eye on those actors' names :) And poor Hodor! Look forward to next week's column. Cheers Ben Max
  • Hi Madison Apologies for the delay in editing this. I've just published it now. You write very well so I've hardly made any changes. Fantastic work. Really like the introduction, particularly helpful for those of us who haven't watched it. And all the peripheral info was filled out perfectly, so nice one :) I'm not sure why the TV Info isn't showing up in the published article, but I'll get in touch with Sam and find out. Let me know if you have any other ideas in the works. Max
  • Hi Ben Fantastic stuff. Didn't realise Ian McShane called GoT 'tits and dragons' before accepting a cameo! Readers love little titbits like that. Watch those spellings though. It's mainly the actors' names. After you finish a draft, just do a quick Google search for the cast and double-check them. No biggie though, the rest of it was great. Enjoy your holiday, and I look forward to the next Shame when you're back. Cheers Max
  • Hi James, Would you mind popping back in and seeing if there is a way to split up or trim down the length of a couple of your longer paragraphs? Regards, Sam
  • Hi Guys, This review needs a quick summary/description as it is currently using a big chunk of the article text as its description at the moment. Cheers, Sam
  • Hi Olivia, Just in case you wanted to know. Randomly(?) this is the highest viewed review on Roobla with just over 110k views so far. Hope you are well! Sam
  • Hi Sam, Ready to go now, trying to update the description to "Autonomous vehicles are on the precipice of entry into today’s technological landscape with predictions of mass public use in the next fiver years..." but unable to save for some reason. Please put that sentence in if you can. Shall I send you the image to use as well? I sent them to Nathaneal but haven't heard from him. Tom
  • Hi bud, just letting you know this is really good! I might just tweak a few words here and there, but it's very well written, and I'll let you have a look before it's posted. Is that OK with you?
    • Hi Tom, my apologies, was just trying to work out the star rating system worked. I'm assuming it's percentage weighted and so I've gone on that assumption. ie; 50 is 2/12 stars etc?
  • Hi Jack and Dan, This list must have taken such a long time to produce! So good, though. I bet collecting all of these images took forever! Unfortunantely, I'm going to have to thin the article out with its image because that many images will cause the page to load too slowly and will take up quite a lot of bandwidth. Google will also punish us for having too many images SEO wise. Hopefully I've picked the best ones to keep! If there's any you think I should swap back in, let me know and I'll do that for you. Regards Sam
  • Hi Tom, It must have taken you a zillion years to collect all of these blu-ray covers. I think we have any to remove a few though just because loading that many images will take up quite a chunk of our bandwidth if it becomes as popular as our Must-Have DVDs article. Sorry about that. I should have said before. Regards Sam
  • Hi Tom, There's a couple of things left to do with this article. I thought I'd tell you so that you can pop back in and do them yourself. Best way to learn that way. 1) You need to categorise the article using the categories checkbox list. This one would be 'Tech', 'Reviews' and 'Tech Reviews'. 2) As this is a review it should have a review rating. You can give it a rating using the 'Review Options' box. You have to enable it and add at least 3 areas of rating. 5 is ideal. Enable >> Review Style >> (your choice) >> Add New Review Criteria. The total is the average of all criteria. Each criteria is out of 100. 20% is equal to 1 when displayed in the article. Let me know if you need any assistance. Regards Sam
  • Hi Jack, Another great list. Die Hard is the obvious number 1. I read somewhere recently that it's worth making top list number a random instead of rounded one. So 11 or 9 instead of 10. Apparently the weird number attracts more attention. Would you mind having a go at that for your next top list article to see if it makes any difference? Regards Sam
    • I'm having aa little trouble saving the mini-review/description if it doesn't work I had written, Preview for the 2017 PDC Premier League Darts which gets underway tonight in Newcastle at the Metro Radio Arena.
    • Hi Tom I cannot seem to add it unless it is passed back to me in a draft format. The description would be: "A potentially exciting bit of news for fans of Paramore across the globe."
  • Great review Ben. Very in depth and informative. All it needs is a Mini-review or Description which you'll find in the box just above and it's ready to publish.
  • Hi Tom, it doesn't seem to have saved what I wrote, are you able to put it in for me? For the mini-review or description I have put "Beholder will make you question morals and freedoms you hold dear, but in order to survive in this world, you might have to leave them at the door.". I updated the Synopsis which I don't think I fully completed also to be "You are a landlord in a totalitarian state. Your job is to spy and report on tenants and do the work of the state, but you must do what it takes to survive."
  • Great article Patrick. I've just changed the featured image as portrait images stretch the article, it looks better with something landscape.
  • Hi Patrick, Remember film titles need to be in Italics with the release year beside it. Actor names are bold upon first mention. For feature articles film info doesn't need to be completed, this is mainly for reviews. Also I'm a bit confused by the start of your fourth paragraph, I can't quite understand what you're trying to say there. Other than that great article.
  • Hi Francesca, Great review, just remember only real names need to be in bold, character names can be standard. If you could also add some peaks and troughs, just above the mini-review. And also we'll need a star rating for each of the sections I've added beneath the peaks and troughs.
  • Hi Francesca, I don't think it saved properly. It was still pending review. I've now changed back to draft so it should allow you to save now. Apologies.
  • Hi Scott, The review has an embargo date of Monday 20th February, so don't be alarmed if it's not published immediately. I'll set an auto-publish date once you're finished.
  • Good stuff, looks like you know what you're doing. All that's missing is the Mini-review or Description section. Just a short subtitle that will hook readers.
  • The only thing I would mention is the consistency with date styles- 17th of March and then it changes to May 5. Also, with the quote from Gahan should it be "he said:" then the quote?
  • Hi Patrick, I think you've confused Gareth Edwards with Gareth Evans. Might want to rewrite the second paragraph. Other than that great article.
  • Hey man. Love the article. very good job. Just one little thing, once Dylan is mentioned once you no longer need to put his name in bold. I have changed that for you quickly. But very good article!
  • Hi guys, Just a quick note: It is the video's Embed code that should go in the featured video box. I've used the link that was there to find the video and placed its embed code so no need to worry this time. Cheers Sam
  • I've changed Plot to Story to keep it consistent with other reviews and changed Screenplay to Direction as Story and Screenplay are essentially the same thing. I've also added Cinematography in keeping with other reviews. If you could just give a score for Direction and Cinematography and I'll publish.
  • Great article. Was wondering how long it would be before somebody wrote about this incredible comeback. I just had to shorten the mini-description as it was over the character limit.
  • Hey Brett, This is a fantastic review, you clearly have a talent for analysing films and critiquing them. Great stuff. I noticed in the press release Pierce Brosnan's character is Michael Regan, not Michael Roberts so I changed that. Also could you add a rating for each of the categories I've added in the section above.
  • Hi Ben, When doing a review can you add the TV info; series title, season number, synopsis, director, writer, actors etc. Otherwise once published there is a blank grey box beneath the image. Also can you change the score criteria to Acting, Direction, Story, Enjoyment in order to keep it consistent with other reviews.
  • Hi Dean, Great review. However in order to keep it consistent with other reviews could you change your scoring to Stars and use the following categories: Usability, Value, Design, Build Quality, Performance, Battery Life. You can keep Specs as it's a console. Cheers
  • Hi Sam, I don't think I will give it a review score yet as I have only played around 3 hours. I am hoping to do more of a formal review of the whole game in a few weeks after I complete it. Is it neccessary? Ben
  • Hi Gulfam, Random one. Someone on Twitter has asked how much male nudity is in this film. Do you have answer I can enlighten them with, please? Regards Sam
  • Hi Dan, Thought you'd like to know that this news piece has done really well. Roughly 600 views compared to normal news articles that get about 100-200 depending on how quickly they're published after the event. I had a little giggle to myself when I saw the title. Very funny. Regards Sam
  • Hi Tom, Great review. Universal have asked that all reviews be held back until the week of/week before the films digital release, so I've scheduled it to publish May 19th. Just so you're not questioning why it hasn't been published.
  • Hi Tom, I've noticed a few "it's" where 'its' should be used in your articles recently. This one has a couple. Would you like me to just change them or let you know if I see them in the future? I already changed the other I saw. Regards Sam
    • Yeah, just change them if you spot any typos or grammar etc. I think I proof-read this at 6 o'clock in the morning. Probably not a good idea.
  • Hi Phil, Great article. Just a couple of things. In regards to film titles you only need to add the date after the first mention, however in this case as the date is included in the headings it doesn't need to be added in the main text as well. Also a brief intro would be good to start the article and if you scroll down the page you'll find a box that says 'Mini-review or Description' this needs to be completed as well. I've added tags for you, but this also needs to be completed.
  • Hi Dan, Just checking to see where you found the featured image for this article as it seems to have some copyright text along its top right. Regards Sam
  • Hi Phil, Very good review, just a couple of things. I've added the review criteria above, if you could give each of these five things a score. Twenty points equal one star. Also the mini-review needs to be a short summary of your opinion for a review. Something that would hook readers.
  • Hi Kieran, I would suggest a title with a bit more search engine friendliness here. I would probably tac on the end of the current title something like "The same old story: England's Germany problem". Cheers Sam
  • Hi Sam, Sorry just seen this. Didn't know to check this. Still learning. Ok how about The Same Old Story: England's underachievements set to continue?? Or I could think of something else
  • Hi Kieran, Yeah, if you choose one and then resubmit for review. Some other things that need to be completed are Tags, selecting article Categories and Type and in the main article body, having people's names in bold. If you visit how.roobla.com it will guide you through them.
  • Hi Tom, For some reason the tags and the sections I fill out keep disappearing. Do you have it on your copy of the article? Hopefully it's all completed correctly now
  • Hi Paul, Great review, glad to see you're honest with your thoughts, no matter how critical. All that needs doing is filling out the boxes in the right hand column. Categories, article type and tags etc. More details on these can be found in the 'how to' guide. Also for the article title and film info keep it lower case. I've already changed the title for you.
  • Hi Tom, Yes. I wasn't sure what to tag this article as, but I was sending this over as a voiceover script for the roobla youtube channel for a countdown video. I saw the email that you had sent out that was requesting for any voiceover scripts.
  • As I've posted this for review, just had a thought, should I put all names in bold? i.e Fnatic, Unicorns of Love, G2 etc as they are team names? I have mentioned a couple of players also, like Broxah and Rekkles but they are their in game names as opposed to their actual names? Cheers
  • Hi Ben, There was an error with sending your last editorial comment so I've pasted it below for Jamie and Tom. Ben Jennings said on 2nd August 2017 at 7:49 am "As I’ve posted this for review, just had a thought, should I put all names in bold? i.e Fnatic, Unicorns of Love, G2 etc as they are team names? I have mentioned a couple of players also, like Broxah and Rekkles but they are their in game names as opposed to their actual names? Cheers"
  • Hi Jack, Just a quick note regarding your review. You do not need to put 'Total Score' as a criteria as it is worked out automatically from your other scores. The same for bolding the first paragraph of your article here in the post edit. It is also done automatically for us. Two less things to think about :) Regards Sam
  • Hi Harrison, It's nearly ready to publish. All that needs changing are the score categories, for film we have Acting, Direction, Script, Cinematography and Soundtrack.
  • Hi Ian, Just had to change the image to an official publicity still. When looking for images try IMDb as they will have all the released stills provided to promote the film.
  • Hi Phil, Can you go over your quiz again and just ensure it's all correct? There are a couple of questions that have no correct answer logged into the system and then just test it a few times via a preview to make sure it works okay. Try it by inputting incorrect answers as well just to be sure.
  • Hi Luke, This is looking great. Our weekly Game of Thrones reviews were very popular so if you can make this a regular thing it will no doubt get a lot of views.
  • Hi Luke, In regards to the review score there is no need to add a total score, the system will work out a total score based on an average of the review criteria. Great review.
  • Hi Katie, this is great. Can you also add a mini-review/description in the box just above? A brief sentence on what the article is about. Then I can publish.
  • Hi Katie, this is great. Can you also add a mini-review/description in the box just above? A brief sentence on what the article is about. Then I can publish.
  • Hi Katie, this is great. Can you also add a mini-review/description in the box just above? A brief sentence on what the article is about. Then I can publish.
  • Hi Katie, this is great. Can you also add a mini-review/description in the box just above? A brief sentence on what the article is about. Then I can publish.
  • Hi Katie, this is great. Can you also add a mini-review/description in the box just above? A brief sentence on what the article is about. Then I can publish.
  • Hi Katie, this is great. Can you also add a mini-review/description in the box just above? A brief sentence on what the article is about. Then I can publish.
  • Hi Katie, this is great. Can you also add a mini-review/description in the box just above? A brief sentence on what the article is about. Then I can publish.
  • Hi Katie, this is great. Can you also add a mini-review/description in the box just above? A brief sentence on what the article is about. Then I can publish.
  • Hi Alex, great little article. Just some feedback. Peoples names need to be in bold and titles in italics. Also if you could add a short Mini-review/description in the box above it will be ready to publish.
  • Hi Alice, I've added some images. Everything else looks good, except for the synopsis. If this could be a short sentence or two on what the game is about.
  • Hi David, If you could give a score for each of the review criteria I have added. The system will then average these and automatically give an overall score.
  • Hi Blythe, Hope you had an amazing Xmas period. I've taken over from Tom as Cheif editor as of the new year. He will remain video editor however. I've tinkered with your article slightly to make it a bit more SEO friendly. Please let me know if I can help with your future content or anything else, really! I'm always full of ideas for new content. Regards Sam
  • Hi Phil, I see you've titled your review Slaughterhouse Massacre instead of Slaughterhouse Rulez. Is this something you intended? Also, could I get a 1 sentence review from you for desciption, please? Does the Blu-ray have any extras? Did you manage to take a look at them? Cheers Sam
  • Hi Phil, Thank you for the review. I think the marketing company will really like reading it. A couple of time saving things to do regarding writing future reviews; - You only need to bold or italic the first time a name or title is mentioned. - You only need to write the full name once. When they're mentioned again just use their last name. One thing I would suggest changing regarding your review style would be to refrain from using 'I', 'me' and 'my'. It's not something typically done in reviews and it reads much nicer without them. Cheers, Sam
  • Hi Tom, Is there a better image we can use for this? Doesn't look very eye catching throughout the website (homepage, other posts etc). Cheers Sam
  • Hey Sam, it's the new system, I'm just trying it out for my latest podcast episode with Greg Lucey and I'm trying to attach a picture - it uploads the picture and then says I don't have permission to attach it :(
  • Hi Tom, I'll look into this today. I think I already know what the issue is. It's because the media being uploaded is not associating itself to a post ID. Thank you for being my test dummy. At least this creation dialogue is working!!!
  • Hey Sam, I've tried again just now still the same issues I'm afraid :( I'd also look at the text editor I'm not sure if the texted/front is properly formatting at the moment (there's big gapes in the spacing, front size). If you want to jump around inside my draft and see what's what please do! I think I am going to use the legacy editor to upload today, but we can work  on testing and refining the new editor together :) Best, Tom

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