Top 5 Nintendo Commercials

We couldn't round up Sony and Microsoft's commercials without looking at the House of Mario

Nintendo may not be releasing a new console along side Sony and Microsoft at the end of the year, especially with the Switch such a huge success. However, we couldn’t do countdowns of PlayStation and Xbox commercials without a rundown of some of the best from the House of Mario. Here are our top 5 Nintendo commercials.

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    "The Fun Machine" (1997, Nintendo 64)

    It seems strange to think back to the mid-90s when 3D console gaming was born and we were mesmerised by the polygon graphics. It truly was a revolution and the reactions of the people in this commercial pretty much sums up how we all felt when we first witnessed Super Mario in three dimensions. Eyes wide, mouths agape, pinching ourselves as the gallery of possibilities produced itself to us.

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    "Power Glove" (1989, NES)

    Aah, the power glove. A highly anticipated accessory that never quite lived up to expectations, especially those promised in this commercial. A cool looking guy struts into a warehouse sporting the technical apparel and after keying in buttons like an 80s hacker proceeds to play, Rad Racer, Super Mario Bros. and Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!

    He makes it look so awesome and yet in real life the peripheral suffered from imprecise and hard to use controls. Maybe with advanced technology it will one day return.

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    "Touching is Good" (2004, Nintendo DS)

    They say less is more and that’s certainly the case with this advert for Nintendo’s successor to the Game Boy family. A couple of blue squares overlaid onto television static and the suggestive voice of a woman encouraging you to touch the bottom square as you might like it.

    It was enough to promote the touchscreen features of the device along with the marketing slogan “Touching is Good” and the DS went on to become another top selling handheld console.

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    "Super Power" (1991, SNES)

    One sure fire way to sell your product is to put a famous celebrity in the commercial. Nintendo took this one step further and chose someone who would one day become famous. Now there’s foresight for you.

    Ant-Man himself Paul Rudd takes centre stage years before he was a household name and is clearly enjoying himself as he plays F-Zero, SimCity and Zelda in a drive-in theatre wearing a long black coat, complete with wind, smoke and lightning. If you didn’t go out and buy a SNES after this, you clearly weren’t paying attention.

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    "Cubed" (2001, Nintendo GameCube)

    When it comes to advertising Nintendo were very much on the nose, focusing on the games the console could play. However with PlayStation thinking outside the box and exploring the obscure when it came to advertising the PS1 and PS2 Nintendo steered in a similar direction for this GameCube commercial. However, instead of thinking outside the box, they thought inside the Cube! Get it?

    Various people are either viewing gameplay-esque vignettes within cubes or are trapped inside cubes themselves experiencing all the console had to offer. It certainly attracts your attention wondering what this commercial is all about and when the console is revealed it all makes sense.

So there we have it, our top 5 Nintendo commercials. Do you agree with our list or are there any commercials you think we missed. Let us know in the comments below.

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