Top 5 Xbox Commercials

Xbox are sure to have some interesting ways to advertise the Series X, here are some of the best ways they've done it in the past

Xbox will be launching their next-generation console the Xbox Series X at the end of the year and we can be sure to expect plenty of commercials to convince us to add their latest box of tricks to our collection. That got us thinking about past commercials from the Microsoft division. So here are our Top 5 Xbox Commercials.

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    "Champagne" (2002, Xbox)

    Despite being banned after receiving a number of complaints this commercial is on our list for its sheer bravery and attempt to mimic playstation’s weird and wacky. Opening in a hospital delivery room, a woman in labour literally fires her baby out like a cannon.

    Shooting through the sky, the child ages rapidly until he’s an old man, screaming in sheer terror at this introduction to life. He finally lands in a cemetery grave and we are left with the words “Life is Short”. Wow, just wow. You can kind of see why it received complaints.

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    "Invitation" (2013, Xbox One)

    Inserting well-known video game franchises into the real world is always a winner with us. Having them approach you and beckon to join them makes it all the more sweeter. A titan from Titanfall, a Roman soldier from Ryse: Son of Rome, a sportscar from Forza, oh and Steven Gerard?

    It’s an invitation that’s hard to turn down for a gamer, especially when we consider many of these characters to be our friends. After all, we’ve been through so much together.

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    "We All Win" (2019, Xbox One)

    Now, this may not be a commercial specifically for an Xbox console, but we couldn’t do this list without adding this entry purely for its positive message. Gaming has become a mainstream hobby and enjoyed by all sorts around the world, once considered a solitary activity its focus on social connectivity has been growing, however for some it’s not so easy to pick up a standard controller and join in the fun.

    Microsoft changed that by developing the adaptive controller ensuring those with limited mobility do not feel left out. Seeing it praised by the very people enjoying it is incredibly heartwarming.

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    "Joy" (2006, Xbox 360)

    We all want to feel like the hero in our own stories and for some of us walking down the high street finding a sword and taking on an army is how we imagine it.

    Of course that’s unlikely to happen, but thankfully video games allow us to experience that feeling in the safety of our own homes. What makes this commercial is the final fearless scream by the guy and the bemused look of the demonic creature clutching him. Pure joy.

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    "Standoff" (2005, Xbox 360)

    Another commercial that didn’t quite pass without controversy, this particular one didn’t even make it onto television before bosses decided against airing it, perhaps because of its encouraging gun violence. However it did the rounds on the internet and surely played a part in the success of the Xbox 360’s launch.

    Much like Playstation’s “Mountain” commercial it features a large crowd of people competing against each other, this time taking part in a mass shootout using finger guns, no doubt drawing influence from a famous scene featured in the British sitcom Spaced.

So there we have it, our top 5 Xbox commercials. What did you think of our list? Are there any commercials you think we missed. Let us know in the comments below.

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