7 games we hope to see released in 2020

Our pick of the best games currently in development and without a release date that we're desperate to get hold of in 2020

As we stand on the edge of 2019 and peer into the 2020 gaming pool, it becomes obvious based solely on confirmed releases, we’re looking into some pretty deep water. Some of the most highly anticipated games in recent memories are already confirmed for the first half of the year – Final Fantasy 7 Remake, The Last of Us Part 2, Cyberpunk 2077 – and that’s before factoring in the arrival of the PS5 at year’s end! There’s so much to look forward to that asking for any more would be an act of insufferable greed.

Anyway – time for a concentrated dose of insufferable greed as we ponder the games that are known to be in development but are yet to have release dates confirmed that we are really hoping to get our hands on in the coming year.

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    Babylon's Fall

    First seen in a brief teaser trailer at 2018's E3 and initially slated for a release in 2019, Babylon's Fall is a major project currently under construction by the master artisans at Platinum Games. Not much is known about this title as yet, the trailer paints the picture of an action game in a medieval fantasy setting, but the studio has refrained from showing off anything else since the initial trailer.

    While little has been revealed about the title to date, it's association Platinum Games - a studio that has redefined and mastered the action genre - there's no doubt it deserves a place on this list.

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    Mass Effect

    Mass Effect 4? 5? Andromeda 2? The Search for Tali's Gold? We're not really sure what a new Mass Effect game would be called, but all we know is that we want it. Rumours of a new installment in the popular space-faring franchise being in early development have been swirling over the last month, so it seems like official confirmation could be on its way.

    After the failure of Bioware's Anthem earlier this year, it seems as though the developer could be revisiting its biggest successes to re-invigorate the company and rally fans, with gossip of new entries in both the Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises running wild.

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    Saints Row 5

    The reason that we can't wait for the next Saints Row title isn't just because it's an excellent series, it's because we can't fathom how they can possibly top the insanity of Saint's Row 4 (2013). Each entry in the series has upped the ante in terms of unbridled absurdity - the first outing told a GTA-esque tale of rival street gangs and by the fourth, the leader of the Saints gang had become U.S. President, before aliens invaded and destroyed Earth, trapping the protagonist and his cohorts in a virtual world which you then had to escape to defeat the invaders and reclaim the world.

    Where do you go from that? The Saints travelling through time and taking control of time periods instead of turf? Launching an attack on the aliens' planet, leading to a quest for space domination? Whatever we suggest is unlikely to be nearly out-there as what the developers actually have in store. As for details, we're going to have to wait a little longer but THQ Nordic has confirmed that they are deep into the game's development, so an official reveal is expected in the coming months.

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    Ghost of Tsushima

    When Sucker Punch Productions revealed Ghost of Tsushima at E3 2018, the gaming community was gifted an instant obsession. Even 18 months after that reveal, the lovingly rendered recreation of 13th century Japan and measured showdowns between rival samurai showcased in the gameplay demo still hold a place in our minds. Of course, these images are the second thing we think of when discussing Ghost of Tsushima – the first is having the phrase “mud, blood and steel” hammered into our heads so frequently that it still haunts our dreams.

    Though set for a PS4 release, there is still no release window confirmed and given the game's anticipation amongst fans, we wonder if Ghost of Tsushima would make an ideal launch title for PS5.

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    Bayonetta 3

    Another entry currently under development by the good people at Platinum Games, but this one with a pedigree like nothing else. We mentioned how the developers have mastered the art of action games and nowhere is this more apparent than in the first two Bayonetta titles, two of the best games in the entire genre.

    The studio has confirmed that development is running smoothly but have yet to venture a release window.  Much like its predecessor, Bayonetta 3 will be exclusive to Nintendo, so is currently set to be a Switch exclusive.

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    Hollow Knight: Silksong

    If you want to play a masterclass in metroidvania 2D action-platforming, get your hands on a copy of Hollow Knight (2017). Fluid, fun, challenging gameplay set in a unique world that makes you want to explore every square inch and scratch away every piece of detail available - if you haven't played it, it's really worth your time and if you have, then you know exactly why the sequel ranks so highly on our list.

    Hollow Knight: Silksong was announced in February 2019 with a gameplay demo following at E3 2019, but we still await word on its release date. One thing we do know is that once it's available, we'll be the first in line.

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    There are few things in the gaming industry as potent as a demo. A poorly received demo can undermine a fortune spent on hyping an upcoming release, but a good one can be more effective than any advertisement and build a strong and enduring fan base before a game is even completed.

    So when Toby Fox came to debuting his next project following the worldwide success of Undertale (2015), his duly earned confidence in the quality of his work led him to give away the first chapter of Deltarune for free – and did that ever pay off. Taking all of the most beloved aspects of Undertale and expanding, building and magnifying them, Deltarune has already captured imaginations, gathering a flock of ravenous gamers that can't wait to part with their cash to get their hands on the full sequel.

    Again, we have no idea when to expect a full release, but here's hoping it won't be too long.

Those are our picks, but what games are you most excited for? Join the discussion below and let us know.

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