Control (2019): 5 great tips and tricks for beginners

A handy guide of tips that the game doesn't tell you. Take our advice before diving in and you'll soon make enemies Hiss-tory

If you’ve recently entered the world of Remedy Entertainment‘s belter, Control, you may find yourself a little overwhelmed. With so much going on and the number of abilities to remember, not to mention all the things the game doesn’t tell you, you may be looking for a little help. Well you’ve come to the right place – read on to find five handy tips to help you master Control in no time.

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    Despite Jesse Faden's range of paranatural powers, she is vulnerable and a few good hits could lead to a swift defeat. As such, you can't walk into every battle like a telekinetic Terminator, be sure to keep moving to avoid hits and when that's not enough, evaluate the situation and employ whatever defensive measures you need – whether it's deploying a shield to block damage while you collect power-ups and gain a more tactically advantageous position, hiding behind cover until an opportunity presents itself, preserving energy so that you always have an evade or two in the bag when something devastating is sent your way or even isolating and 'seizing' a couple of enemies to bring them over to your side and help even the odds.

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    Grab a notepad

    As you journey through the story, you're sure to find a number of locked doors that require a security clearance that you've yet to attain. Many of these doors are only hiding collectibles and mods, but others hide something much more juicy such as hidden areas, alternative outfits, side-missions and secret bosses.

    As Control doesn't provide any markers for your map to remind you where these doors lay, you're going to need to keep your own notes, so grab your phone, laptop or a pen and paper and make a quick note of anything that piques your interest that you'll want to return to investigate later!

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    Evade to break falls

    As long as Jesse has ground beneath her feet, there's no reason to die from a long fall once you've obtained the evade ability. Using evade mid-fall will break the momentum, so if you use it as you close in on the ground, it will break your fall and leave Jesse's health bar untouched.

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    Deconstruct like it's going out of style

    As the old saying goes “If you're going to make an omelette, you need to deconstruct a few weapon mods”. You may have noticed that Jesse only has a maximum of three personal mods and each variation of the Service Weapon can only hold up to three, yet you'll find hundreds of mods throughout your adventure. So why not recycle and make the most from unwanted mods? By selecting the mod and then holding the button indicated next to 'deconstruct' you can turn unwanted mods into Source, which can then be put toward weapon upgrades at Control Points.

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    Cash in completed countermeasures

    At each Control Point, you're given the option of accepting Board Countermeasures which task you with defeating The Hiss under specific conditions, but you need to remember that you aren't automatically rewarded for completing these objectives. You must return to a Control Point and cash-in each one by selecting 'collect reward' while highlighting the completed measure.

    It's useful to remember that when a measure asks you to 'kill [insert number] enemies without dying', if you meet the objective but die before collecting your reward, it won't count and you'll need to defeat that number of enemies again! So be prompt and cash-in at the first opportunity.

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