Chilling new ‘Story Trailer’ amps up excitement for Control (2019)

Check out the mouth-watering 'Story Trailer' for Remedy Entertainment's much anticipated Control

Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games have unleashed a breath-taking cinematic trailer for the much anticipated action-adventure title, Control.

While the ‘Story Trailer’ does little to address any lingering questions we already had, it poses plenty more tantalising possibilities that we can’t wait to delve into when the game finally releases.

The trailer introduces a new character who takes on narration duties – A mysterious prisoner describing a dream he had with the sort of delusional detachment that evokes memories of some of cinema’s great psychopathic villains. Little is given away about the role of Prisoner “P6” in the trailer – is he the story’s central antagonist? A pawn of The Hiss? Their mouthpiece? Part of a hive mind? One thing that’s clear is that this guy is bad news; someone who fills the player with unease and adds new layers to Control’s horror element.

The presentation of the trailer is something to behold, warranting multiple views not just to pick up on more clues as to what awaits us in the story, but just to appreciate its production. The gorgeous cinematics and unnerving audio combined with the prisoner’s compelling narration work in perfect harmony – they paint the picture of a video game with masterfully crafted visual and sound design used to stage an immersive story in an intense, unpredictable atmosphere.  If the developers can deliver on that promise when Control hits shelves, then we’re going to have something truly special on our hands.

Control releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 27 August 2019.

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