Top 5 Witcher 3 Side Quests

It wasn't just the main story quests that made The Witcher 3 great...

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was released back in 2015 and four years on is showing no signs of slowing down. With potentially 200 hours gameplay it’s no surprise that we’re still discovering new things and are playing side quests that are just as good as the main story.  With over 300 side quests alone, narrowing it down was a tough decision but take a look at what we think are the top 5 side quests from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

5. Carnal Sins

After Pricilla gets brutally attacked in the streets, Geralt and Dandelion rush to her aid only to find that a serial killer is loose on the streets of Novigrad. By investigating crime scenes, examining bodies, and racing to potential victims, Geralt must find and deal with the deranged killer before he strikes again.

4. Possession

To show her clan she is a worthy contender for Skellige’s crown, Cerys an Craite ventures off to lift a curse that is tormenting the Jarl of a neighbouring clan. Geralt goes after her to convince her to return home, but realises the Jarl is being tormented by a very rare and dangerous creature. During the pair’s attempt at lifting the curse, players and Geralt are put on an emotional rollercoaster when a very difficult decision must be made.

3. Beyond Hill and Dale

Depending on choices made in the Blood and Wine DLC, Geralt could find himself trapped inside the Land of a Thousand Fables, an illusion that brings fairytales to life. By following the yellow brick road Geralt will find himself face to face with the likes of the Wicked Witch, the Three Little Pigs, and the Big Bad Wolf, a huge contrast from Geralt’s usual company.

2. Open Sesame!

In the Heart of Stone DLC Geralt is tasked with fulfilling three wishes, one of which includes retrieving a valuable item that is locked tightly away in the Borsodi auction house. With the help of a mysterious stranger, Geralt assembles and recruits a team of your choosing to plan and carry out the greatest heist that Novigrad has ever seen

1. Return to Crookback Bog

Early on in the main story, Geralt agrees to help the Bloody Baron find his missing wife and daughter in exchange for information on Ciri. What starts as a pretty standard main mission turns into a series of optional side quests that has you make some tough decisions while delving deeper into the troublesome private life of the Bloody Baron and his family.

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