Top 5 Life is Strange Moments

Life is Strange features some powerful moments, these are the 5 best.

Life is Strange was a huge sleeper hit of 2015 and is no doubt one of the best interactive story games of recent years. With its combination of relatable characters and raw emotional moments, Life is Strange manages to pull on the heart strings of everyone who plays. Take a look at some of the best moments from the first season of Life is Strange.

5. Saving Kate Marsh

In Life is Strange, your choices have consequences and one wrong choice could change everything. In the early stages of the game Max sees her classmate Kate being bullied on more than one occasion and can choose if and how to intervene. In episode 2, the constant harassment sadly gets too much for Kate and she attempts to commit suicide. Max confronts her and tries to get her to step away from the ledge, but whether you manage to save Kate or not depends on your choices in that moment and earlier in the game. Whether or not Kate is saved, this is one of the first moments in the game to show you how important seemingly insignificant choices can be.

4. Alternate Reality

After accidentally transporting herself back to her childhood, Max decides to save Chloe’s father William from the fatal car accident he suffered all those years ago. However, altering the past has consequences, something Max quickly realises when she returns to the present day to find William alive but a wheelchair bound Chloe.

3. Finding Rachel

Max and Chloe’s investigations lead them to the discovery of ‘The Dark Room’ and the secrets that it holds. Up until now the disappearance of Rachel Amber had been a mystery and it was assumed that she just ran away, but the dark room revealed something far more sinister. Chloe had to know the truth, and the discovery of Rachel Amber’s body gave us one of the emotional and heart-wrenching scenes in the series.

2. Max’s Nightmare

We know that altering the past has serious consequences and through rewinding and altering time too much, Max has managed to get herself stuck in a nightmarish time loop. This nightmare is a reflection of prior events in the game and confronts Max with all the consequences of her choices and her resulting fears, insecurities, and feelings of guilt.

1. Save or Sacrifice

The ending of Life is Strange has you make your biggest and most impactful decision so far. After escaping her nightmare time loop and jumping in and out of various timelines trying to prevent Aracdia Bay from being destroyed by the storm, Max is unable to find a reality without a different outcome. Chloe realises that Max saving her from being shot earlier in the week was the butterfly effect event that caused the storm, leaving Max with a choice to make: Save Chloe and destroy Arcadia Bay, or sacrifice Chloe and save the town.

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