Top 5 Bioshock Enemies

The Bioshock trilogy pits you against some tough enemies, here are the 5 best.

The world of Bioshock combines complex thought-provoking concepts with high octane action. As stunning and fascinating as the cities of Rapture and Columbia are, both are crawling with highly hostile and deadly enemies. The enemies that we encounter in Bioshock are all uniquely terrifying and are just as complex as the ideas explored in the plots. Take a look at some of our favourite enemies from the Bioshock trilogy.

5. The Handyman

Once a man, the robotic monstrosity known as The Handyman is a powerful enemy that you encounter in Bioshock Infinite. Taking the form of a heavily armoured man with giant mechanical limbs, the Handyman was created as a way to help men who were severely injured. The experiment allowed its subjects to not only once again become able-bodied but to also technically live forever.

Despite being given a second shot at life, many Handymen are miserable. Some have been forced into the mechanical suit against their will and due to defects must now live in great pain without any sleep. The sadness and physical pain that the Handymen experience often leads to outbreaks of inconsolable psychotic rage making them a very deadly threat.

4. Boys of Silence

The boys of silence are the watchmen of Comstock house in Bioshock Infinite. Blind since birth, the boys have enhanced hearing and essentially function as security cameras with legs. Despite being referred to as ‘boys’ and ‘children’, they are in fact grown men who have been brainwashed since childhood to unquestioningly obey orders.

The boys of silence cannot be killed and do not engage in combat themselves. If they detect your presence they will let out a blood-curdling scream and summon the lunatics of Comstock House to attack you before quickly teleporting away.

3. The Big Sister

Bioshock 2 introduces us to the terrifying Big Sister. The big sisters are the now grown up Little Sisters of the first game who have become unstable and confrontational. As the little sisters grew older in Rapture, the physical and mental conditioning forced on them as children began to have terrifying effect on their bodies.

Their exposure to ADAM caused them to grow much taller than most girls, giving them incredible strength and allowing them to use plasmids to an extreme level. After more and more Little Sisters began to go insane, new mental conditional methods and advanced diving suits were created to turn the girls into a new form of predator.

2. Splicers

Splicers are the most common enemies in Bioshock one and two. They are the extremely hostile remnants of Rapture’s population whose addiction to ADAM have caused them to lose their sanity and become physically deformed. There are many different forms of splicer, each having a different style of attack and unique abilities.

While some splicers will charge at you with whatever weapon they have on hand, others prefer to use their abilities, with the Houdini splicer for example, disappearing and reappearing at will. Although completely insane, splicers are very smart enemies. If they know you are close they will search for you, they will heal themselves when wounded, and will team up with one another to attack you.

1. The Big Daddy

The Big Daddy is one of the most iconic characters of Bioshock, as an enemy in first game, and protagonist in the second. Big Daddies, referred to as Mr Bubbles by the Little Sisters, are genetically enhanced human beings who have had their bodies grafted into an enormous diving suit whose sole purpose is to protect Little Sisters.

The Big Daddies were subject to genetic engineering and through physical and mental restraints were conditioned to have a bond with their Little Sister which mimics the emotional bond between a father and daughter. This conditioning ensures that the Big Daddy will protect their Little Sister at all times, otherwise they will fall into a coma. Becoming a Big Daddy is a one-way street, and knowing that volunteers would be hard to come by, the Big Daddy program became a punishment for exiled criminals, criminally insane, and political dissidents.

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