Life Is Strange 2 – Teaser Trailer

A first look peak at Life Is Strange 2.

With the first episode of Dontnod Entertainment’s Life is Strange 2 set to drop in late September, the developer has released a first look teaser trailer with a promise that all will be revealed later this month.

Other than when episode one will be released, we know very little about Life is Strange 2. Earlier this year Dontnod released The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, a 2-hour free to play title that served as a glimpse into Life is Strange 2. While this title left fans speculating as to what was to come, hints were subtle and no plot details were confirmed.

The newly released teaser trailer shows the view from a police officer’s dashboard camera as he drives through a suburban neighbourhood. After spotting a fight, he pulls his car over and exits his vehicle. A few seconds pass before the police officer along with his car are pushed back and flipped by an unknown force. We then hear him calling for backup. The date that was displayed on the dashboard footage, October 28th could be an indication as to when the game will be set and the unknown force that attacked the police officer looks similar to the force ability that Chris used when falling from the treehouse at the end of The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit.

Life is Strange 2 will feature a new set of characters from those in Life is Strange (2015) and will be set in a new location. We know that The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit protagonist Chris will appear and it seems that the ‘ability’ that he possesses will also play a part in the story.

We will have to wait until 20th August for more details but it looks like we’re in for something special.

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