July’s Upcoming Games

Take a look at what games July is bringing in.

Each month, the Switch welcomes more and more games and July is no different with a few games finally making the move to the console. A few brand-new games are also coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One including an apocalypse survival game and a tycoon style builder.


Jurassic World: Evolution

Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Release: 3rd July

You can now build your very own Jurassic Park! Coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in early July, Jurassic World Evolution lets you take control of operations on the legendary Muertes archipelago to bioengineer dinosaurs and build your very own park. Similar to the classic tycoon game, you control every aspect of your park and run it as you see fit. Jurassic World Evolution has a brand-new narrative that features characters from across the Jurassic World franchise.


Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Platform: Switch

Release: 13th July

The Super Mario spin off, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker was first released on Wii U in 2014, but now the puzzle platformer is coming to Switch with some brand-new features. The Switch version features new levels from Super Mario Odyssey (2017), including New Donk City, as well as a new multiplayer mode that can be played by sharing joy cons.



Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Release: 13th July

If you take Left 4 Dead (2008) and replace zombies with the Demogorgon from Stranger Things you get Eathfall. After Earth fell in a single day, alien invaders took over the planet to hunt down human survivors. Playing with up to four other players, you must fight to survive the alien infestation by building up defences and creating weapons to fight off unpredictable enemies. Earthfall also features a solo mode that has you play with a team of NPCs to take on 10 missions.


The Coma: Recut

Platform: Switch

Release: 20th July

The Coma: Recut is a remastered version of Korean survival horror game The Coma: Cutting Class (2015). After Yongho falls asleep during an exam he wakes up to find himself in a dark and twisted version of his school where he is pursued by a psychotic killer. Using a flashlight, you must navigate your way through corridors avoiding unwanted attention by hiding in the darkness as the killer approaches. Inspired by overworked Korean high school students, the story is brought to life using hand illustrated visuals that have been updated in the remaster.


Hello Neighbour

Platform: PlayStation 4, Switch

Release: 27th July

Released in 2017 on Xbox One, Hello Neighbour is a stealth survival game that has you sneak into your neighbour’s house to discover what secrets are lurking within. Your neighbour is an advanced AI that learns from your every move, the more attempts you make to get into his house the more he learns. He will set traps on previous routes you have taken, set up cameras at entry points. If your neighbour catches you, you will be sent back home where you will need to once again attempt to break in.


The Banner Trilogy: Bonus Edition

Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Release: 27th July

Set in a world inspired by Norse mythology The Banner Trilogy takes you on a Viking adventure in the form of an interactive story where everything can change with once wrong choice. The Banner Trilogy: Bonus Edition includes all three games from the series, the game soundtrack, an art book, a collectable poster, as well as an in-game item.


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