eSports News: EU LCS Summer Split – Finals Update

We have now come to the end of the EU LCS Summer Split and the finals in Paris. Here's a quick recap of the end of the season and how G2 and Misfits got on.

We have now come to the end of the EU LCS Summer Split and Worlds is just around the corner. Last Sunday saw two teams that have had mixed form this split face off in the final in Paris in Misfits vs G2. Before getting to last weekend’s games here’s a quick recap of how they got there.

G2’s and Misfits’ roads to the final were certainly not easy. Both were in the same group and finished second and third respectively, well behind group winners Fnatic who automatically qualified for the Semi-final. This left them having to face the second and third place teams from Group B, being the Unicorns of Love and Splyce, whilst H2k took the other semi-final spot.

The quarter-final matches, Unicorns of Love vs Misfits and G2 vs Splyce were two very different games. Whilst Misfits devastatingly routed the Unicorns in a surprise 3-0 result, G2 and Splyce had a five game thriller. The Unicorns looked nothing like the team that got to the final of last split and Rift Rivals. Their jungler Xerxe in particular looked lost and struggled to make any sort of impact against Misfits’ Maxlore, who ran riot (no pun intended). Alphari also was a strong performer in the top lane against a struggling of late Vizicsacsi and the two brits dominated the game in a Misfits team that only seems to be improving.

G2 vs Splyce was probably as close a League of legends game you’ll likely see. From game one it was clear how close a match it was going to be as it went on for more than 50 minutes. The result was probably fair in the end but it could have gone either way. Splyce came with a clear tactic to block Perkz from having an sort of advantage and it certainly worked. In the end G2’s patience and experienced prevailed; game five ending in G2’s favour.

As a result, for the semi-finals this meant that Misfits had to face high flying Fnatic, whilst G2 were up against H2k. To say the least, these games were not so close. Fnatic certainly underperformed. However, Misfits’ entire team stepped up to the occasion. All over the map Fnatic were outplayed. The match ended up 3-1 to Misfits and this probably flattered Fnatic. Soaz in game four ending on 0/6/0 I think summed up their day.

In the other semi-final G2 really showed their class and why they have been the champions of the last three splits. Perkz’ form from the quarter-final picked up and he displayed why he is one of the best mid laners in Europe. A 7/0/3 from Expect as Cho’Gath in the top lane and his team only giving away three kills in game one set G2 up perfectly. Everything just seemed to fall into place for G2 whilst H2k were underwhelming and looked distinctly average against strong opposition.

So unsurprisingly going into Sunday’s final in a packed arena, G2 were certainly favourites. The previous day Fnatic secured their third-place finish with a 3-2 win over H2k; a fitting win with Rekkles having been announced as the Summer Split MVP. Strong performances from Caps and Broxah helped them get over the line and secured qualification for Worlds.

The actual final itself unfortunately was not so close, on paper at least. The majority of fans at the arena in Paris were wanting a Misfits win; due to them being the obvious underdogs, but also because Misfits’ ADC Hans Sama is French himself. Unfortunately, though, despite the backing of the crowd, and a crowd-pleasing Draven pick in game three, G2 were too strong and came out 3-0 winners.

It was much closer than the score line suggests however, but ultimately G2’s class across the entire rift was clear and their team compositions were just too strong. Sven and Mithy in particular had strong performances, going 10/0/20 and 0/3/33 across the three games. G2 have now won an impressive EU record four splits in a row and gain qualification to Worlds once again. Misfits though have also automatically qualified for Worlds by getting to the final which is a great achievement. Now the final spots are being battled for and after this weekend and the final spot will go to either H2k, Unicorns of Love or Fnatic.

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