One in four British gamers cause £145 in damages each year, new study claims

According to a new study, one in four gamers have caused £145 in damages due to losing their temper whilst playing video games.

One in four British gamers cause £145 worth of damage each year from losing their temper whilst playing games, a new study has today claimed. recently conducted the poll as part of ongoing research into Britons attitudes towards both technology and gaming.

The study found the damage was caused by gamers losing their temper whilst playing, getting into arguments with online players and some even physically breaking their consoles, or TV and furniture.

2,433 British adults aged 18+, all of whom labelled themselves as a ‘gamer’, were quizzed about their gaming habits and if their gaming had the ability to affect their mood.

When asked if they had ever lost their temper whilst playing, 74% admitted they do. 31% of them claimed to lose their temper due to “teammates not playing how they need them to”, 29% said it was due to “online players targeting them”, and 20% said it was due their own mistakes.

Asked to what extreme they’ve lost their temper, 37% said they either “scream and shout”, 30% “get into arguments with others online”, and 23% have broken something.

Provided a list of what furniture has been broken due to their temper, 41% was a controller or keyboard, 38% was a headset, 32% was a TV or monitor, 14% was the game disc, and 9% broke a chair.

£145 was the average damage caused by gamers when asked to estimate how much their damage has cost.

“Gaming is a massive part of some people’s lives, but for many it is exactly that – just a game,” said George Charles, spokesperson for VoucherCodesPro.

“If you do ever experience angry outbursts when playing a game, try to take deep breaths and remember that if you lose, it isn’t the end of the world and it definitely isn’t worth breaking an expensive TV or furniture in your home.

“It’s certainly not worth breaking the game or console, leaving yourself unable to play completely.”

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