Top 5 announcements from E3 2017

We rank the biggest announcements coming out of E3 2017.

The 23rd annual E3 expo wrapped up on Thursday and saw a flurry of announcements that left fans gasping with excitement as they exited the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Today we take a look at the top five announcements coming out of Los Angeles.

1. Beyond Good & Evil Prequel

In an announcement that came as a surprise to virtually everyone, not just in Los Angeles but around the world, Ubisoft took to the stage at E3 to officially announce a new Beyond Good & Evil title is coming, serving as a prequel to the 2003 original.

Having earned a cult-following over the years, despite it’s somewhat lukewarm financial performance, Beyond Good & Evil 2 was finally confirmed as in production following several years of rumour and speculation. No release date or window was announced, nor any plot details, but several main characters were profiled shortly after the announcement.

Social media was abuzz following the announcement, showing that an audience still clearly exists for the franchise and opens the door to a whole new generation of fans thanks to the near 14 year wait for a new title.

2. Xbox One X: “The World’s Most Powerful Console”

The announcement of Xbox One X by Phil Spencer during Microsoft’s conference itself wasn’t necessarily unexpected but in terms of the console’s features, and price tag, the new console, dubbed “The World’s Most Powerful Console” is certainly one that stands out.

The new console, which will hit stores on November 7th for a a near $500, will feature a host of new features including improve textures, frame rates, loading times and 4K entertainment.

The confirmation also that all current Xbox One games already owned would be compatible with the new console, and that Xbox would expand the Xbox One backward-compatibility library to nearly 400 Xbox 360 and original Xbox title, was welcomed with open arms from gamers around the world.

3. Coco Bandicoot Fully Playable in N. Sane Trilogy

Some of you have probably just read number 3 and thought, “Seriously?!” But make no mistake about it, the announcement that players would be able to play the upcoming Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy title as Crash Bandicoot’s sister Coco is indeed a big, big deal.

Firstly, the addition of being able to play as Coco through a remastered version of the iconic original Crash Bandicoot trilogy (Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, and Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped) adds a whole new experience to the game.

Alongside the new and improved textures, models, and levels, giving the option to play as either Crash or Coco is another juicy reason to pick up this new remastered title and not only enjoy a sense of dejavu, but also create new experiences thanks to the addition of Coco.

Secondly, in today’s current environment where female figures and role models are sought after both in entertainment and real-world, Coco is definitely a female icon whose today’s generation of young girls can aspire and connect with.

There’s never been a bigger time in the entertainment industry when strong female characters are sought after than right now, you only have to look as far as Wonder Woman which is currently sweeping the world.  Connecting with this current generation by giving them a new girl-power figure that they can actually control is bound to connect with a whole new audience.

4. New Three-Part Episode For Life Is Strange

It’s impossible to be a gaming fan and not to have heard about the Life is Strange series. Having earned critical acclaim and numerous end-of-year awards and nominations, Life is Strange is a powerhouse in narrative video gaming and boasts some of the most die-hard fans.

So when Square Enix announced they were set to release a brand new three-part episode adventure of Life is Strange, many of those die-hard fans were nuts.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm will serve as a prequel to the events of the original, be set in Arcadia Bay, and see players assume the role of a rebellious 16-year-old teen Chloe Price as she forms an unlikely relationship with the ever-beautiful Rachel Amber. The studio even later released a full 20 minutes of gameplay.

In an interesting development behind the scenes, original developers DONTNOD Entertainment aren’t returning for the prequel, with production being handed over to Deck Nine Games. It’ll be interesting to see Deck Nine’s take on the Life is Strange world and see if they can top their predecessor’s success when the game’s first episode drops August 31.

5. New Co-Op title, A Way Out, From BAFTA-Winning Studio

In what looks set to be one of the most impressive titles coming up, the makers of the BAFTA award-winning Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons officially unveiled their new upcoming co-op title, A Way Out.

The new co-op adventure will see two players controlling two seperate prison inmates as they must find a way to interact with one another, form a trustful relationship and bust out of jail.

Those who played Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons will recall the uniqueness of the gameplay, and with the early footage shown in the trailer, A Way Out looks like it could potentially be another groundbreaking co-op narrative adventure that could one again sweep the awards circuit.

What about you? What do you think were the biggest announcements coming out of E3? Do you think we miss out something bigger? Let us know what you think below in the comments, and share some great E3 2017 stories!

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