Review: Rick & Morty: Virtual Rick-ality (2017)

An immersive, comedic and super interactive game that I only wish was longer. For fans of VR and, of course, Rick & Morty is not worth missing.

Rick & Morty: Virtual Rick-ality is an immersive, comedic and super interactive VR game that I only wish was longer. For those who have watched the TV series, the game and its content will not disappoint with its variety of references. For those who haven’t, you will find it equally entertaining for its wacky and dark humour. The developers, Owlchemy Labs, certainly have done a fantastic job on the storyline and showcase how powerful VR can be. Whilst you won’t get days worth of play out of it, Rick & Morty is a must play for VR fans.

Upon entering the game, you are greeted by none other than Rick and Morty in Morty’s garage. Rick proceeds to tell you that you are a Morty clone. Your first task, of all things, is an important one – to do their clothes washing. It’s amazing how doing laundry in VR is so enjoyable. That or I am easily amused… Initially I wasn’t paying enough attention. I was too busy pushing Rick and Morty about, picking up random things and throwing them. As a result, I didn’t actually know what I needed to do. Rick, being Rick, immediately called me an idiot. He wasn’t wrong. I literally listened to nothing he said.

The game has some fantastically intuitive moments in this respect. Later on you need to order something off his PC and I thought it was touch screen as, I mean, having to use a mouse for a PC within VR just seems silly. Upon trying, Rick once again called me an idiot and pointed out the mouse right in front me. These kind of moments really are non-stop throughout and you cannot help but laugh.

Rick and Morty utilises the strongpoints of VR, leaving the player feeling like they are living in the game despite the cartoon aesthetic. For example, Rick and Morty give you a watch in order to contact them but I kept trying to tap the screen of my actual watch to call them. I also ended up trying to step down a ladder and due to the mess in the garage I kept trying to kick things out of my path that were on the floor as I walked. The immersive power of VR…

In the garage you utilise 3 rectangular zones which you can walk in and teleport between; a very simple way to move around and use a fairly large space. You are able to spawn other Morty clones which allow you to even use the areas which are not accessible. These clones cleverly mirror your exact actions which is really cool. Puzzles and tasks you’re asked to do are actually challenging at times and require you to think on your feet and react quickly. And, of course, there is a shooting mini game. What would a VR game be without a shooter?

Overall Rick & Morty: Virtual Rick-ality is a fantastic game which, as for sheer enjoyment in comparison with other VR games that are out at the moment, has to be one of the best. The only drawback is that you’ll get somewhere between 3-5 hours of gameplay out of it and the re-playability is lacking despite having a few mini games that are great fun. As a VR game it is a great experience and it really does well to re-create the humour of the TV series from which many sequels would be possible and most certainly welcome.

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