Prequel to Beyond Good & Evil officially announced as 14th anniversary looms

As the 14th anniversary of the original release of Beyond Good & Evil approaches, Ubisoft have officially announced a prequel is in production.

After almost 14-years since the original was first released, Ubisoft took to the stage at E3 last night to officially announce Beyond Good & Evil 2.

The open world action-adventure was officially confirmed as in production at Ubisoft Montpellier following several years of speculation as to whether a follow-up would be released.

Officially unveiled last night, Beyond Good & Evil 2 will be serve a prequel to the 2003 original.

The cast of characters will see a punk-ass hybrid monkey, a ruthless crime boss hybrid pig, a rejuvenated madam running the pig’s backrooms, a badass biker of Somalian ancestry, and the mysterious captain of the Gada.

Other details regarding the plot weren’t confirmed, nor was a release date or window.

The original Beyond Good & Evil launched in November 2003 for PlayStation 2, Xbox, PC and Gamecube, with a remaster launching in March 2011 for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

Michel Ancel, the creator of the Rayman series, was the original mind behind the game, which would go on to garner critical acclaim upon its release. However the game wouldn’t perform as expected commercially putting possibilities of a follow-up in doubt.

But the game has since grew popular amongst fans, gaining a cult-following.

A selection of screenshots were also released, as shown below.

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