New Wartile content update today

New gameplay additions for the Steam Early Access title.

Viking RTS Wartile has received a huge content update today in the form of new missions, modes, characters and more. Adventure pack 0.5 as it’s known is the first major update since the game released on Steam Early Access in March of this year.

The following content has been added:

  • New Mission “Thor’s Wrath”
  • New Game Mode – “Trail of Tyr” a horde mode challenge
  • New female Viking archer character
  • Oil bombs to set fire to structures and enemies
  • Poisonous Toad dust bombs
  • Flasks of Medieval Mead to heal injured Vikings
  • A new Viking Headbutt stun move
  • Overhauled Art for the Ability and Godly cards
  • Numerous UI updates

A 15% discount on Steam and the Humble Bundle store will also coincide with the update.

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