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Video: Far Cry 5 revealed in announcement trailer

Welcome to Hope County.

Finally after the various teaser trailers that were drip fed to us over the past week we finally have our first proper look at Far Cry 5 in the announcement trailer above.

Relocating the action a little closer to home in the fictional Hope County, Montana, players will take on the role of a new junior deputy whose arrival accelerates a years-long silent coup by a fanatical doomsday cult called the Project at Eden’s Gate. With the county under their control you’ll join forces with residents to form the Resistance as you do whatever it takes to disrupt their plans and liberate the community.

All sorts of toys will be available including planes for aerial dogfights plus iconic American muscle cars, big rigs, ATVs and boats for those who prefer their battles at a lower altitude. A wide array of weapons will also be at hand ranging from guns and grenades to sledgehammers and baseball bats. If you ever feel it’s too much for one man you’ll also be able to recruit Guns for Hire or even Fangs for Hire like bears and cougars. Far Cry 5 will continue the trend of allowing players to adopt their own style and tackle missions the way they want. The big question is, will there be radio towers to sabotage?

Far Cry 5 releases February 27th 2018 on PS4, Xbox One and PC with PS4 players getting a free skin pack with their purchase.

Check out the reveal trailer above and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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