Preview: Let Them Come (TBC)

Let Them Come is an intense space survival game which will leave you feeling a little bit like a space Rambo.

NB. This is an early preview and so does not warrant a review score. A full review will be available once the final game is released.

Let Them Come is an indie, pixel based, wave survival shooter coming to PC from developer Tuatara Games (aka. 27-year-old developer Klemen Lozar, who has worked at Rocksteady Studios on the Batman franchise). With its simple yet elegant graphics, simple controls, ample gameplay choices, intense combat and booming tunes, Let Them Come feels like a promising game that’ll leave you feeling a little like some sort of space Rambo.

You are Rock Gunar, the sole surviving mercenary from a team sent to a freight vessel to recover it from an alien species. It’s just you, your gun and your radio. Essentially if you are a fan of killing aliens, this will be a game for you. Although at first it seems a very simple game, the variety of enemies that are hurtling towards you provides some challenges – from creatures running on the floor, to the ceiling and walls, the amount of enemies coming at you sometimes is relentless.

Killing enemies and clearing waves gives you score points which in turn allow you to purchase more items to help you with the onslaught. This can purchase you a variety of upgrades including health, molotov cocktails, armour piercing bullets and even a chainsaw. Surviving waves is tough and inevitably you will lose one. This is where you can re-stock on ammo, add weapons to your arsenal or use other items to help with specific levels.

During waves you can also get random bonuses for achieving killing combos. These will help you clear tough waves; whether it is double score, double damage or drone turrets. Further along you will face bosses and for these you will need all the help you can get.

What looks to be a very strong aspect of the game, adding to its intensity and makes it particularly enjoyable is its music. The space-sounding drum and bass helps you battle your way through waves whilst you hold down that left mouse button in order to survive. A good sound track is always a plus in games and as you progress you find new mix-tapes adding to your playlist.

Overall Let Them Come looks like some cracking fun and for such a simple concept it has possibilities for varied gameplay. As well as the campaign there will be online and local leaderboards for players to compete for top spot to see how many waves can be survived and who can get the best score. I am looking forward to the game’s full release which will be sometime late-Summer 2017.

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