Review: Flywrench (2015)

This action packed indie spaceship game is tough, yet undeniably addictive. Will you make it to your destination?

Patience; perseverance; determination; timing; control; these are just a few of the attributes that you’ll need playing this 2D indie action game from Messhof. With its old school design, raving soundtrack and challenging yet simple style, Flywrench will have you celebrating like a pro after completing every level.

It is set in our solar system and the objective of the game is simple – get from point A to point B without crashing your ship. Overall your aim is to get to the sun via all of the planets, beginning at Pluto (which is awkward…now being a dwarf planet and all; but still up for debate according to NASA recently), which each contain a number of levels that upon completion allow you to get to unlock the next planets. As you go from planet to planet a quirky storyline made up of quotes and profound statements making you question reality guides you on your way.

Your ship is a small rectangular white block which is constantly falling. In order to fly around you use the ‘X’ key to essentially flap like a bird avoiding obstacles using the arrow keys within a designated course marked by yellow barriers. These simply start out as white and red barriers. If ‘X’ is held down the two wings conjoin turning your ship red which in turn allow you to pass through the red barriers. If you go through as white you explode (and vice versa through a white). Sounds simple enough right?

Well you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. There is a definite escalation of difficulty as you progress from planet to planet. From simple barriers, you gradually end up with wild courses where so much is happening; the simplest of miss-clicks can send you exploding. It really does soon become joyous mayhem – multiple barriers you have to glide through; green and pink barriers; moving barriers; hostile turrets; just to name a few. It truly is a game of timing and control, based on intricate angles and flight paths, quick finger reactions resulting in trial and error tactic.

Whilst all this is going on, a fantastic futuristic synthy drum and bass soundtrack plays over the top. I recommend a good pair of headphones or speakers with solid bass. You’ll find yourself dancing whilst playing, crashing a few times just from nodding to the beat too much. It certainly makes the game more distinctive and every track, played from planet to planet, seems to fit seamlessly into enhancing the experience. For me Mars was a particular favourite.

Now you might be wondering (just go along with it if you weren’t…) why I said you wouldn’t be entirely wrong for thinking it sounds fairly simple. As I played for my review, I really was surprised at how good this game is. The feeling of when you get through a difficult level where you crash a few times is great. As you progress and you are close to the finish point but crash just before reaching the end you might let out a yelp of frustration. Through the game though it is only a few times that you will get stuck.

Well, until you get to MERCURY! Mercury is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE! Honestly, I am still stuck and have probably died around half my 2100 deaths over the 5 levels I have completed on Mercury. Yet, I say almost impossible, despite crashing probably around what felt 500 times on level 4 of Mercury alone, I did manage to beat it. You’ll find yourself jumping out of your seat, fist pumping and yelling in celebration at the monitor. By then the Sun is within grasp and it’s definitely worth it!

Flywrench is certainly a refreshing break from the more mainstream games and for the cost on Steam it is certainly worth the time, you honestly can’t go wrong. Just don’t be surprised if whilst you’re going to sleep at night you end up seeing a flying white block after you shut your eyes.

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