Pokemon Go Gen 2 are finally here

Pokemon Go was one on the biggest crazes of 2016 after launching last summer and finally the update all players have been waiting for is here.

The first 151 Pokemon, known as Gen One, were released (or at least 146 of them) last year to allow old and new Pokemon fans to catch their favourites in the real world.

It was like no game ever seen before and made huge amounts of money for its creators Niantic. However, support for the game dwindled in the final months of last year and into 2017. Poor updates, a lack of new things to do and events geared towards players spending money have seen its popularity fall.

Finally though, the creators announced this week that the second generation of Pokemon would be catchable in the game. This set of Pokemon that the old school players will remember as being released in Gold and Silver join the game, with 80 new ones available to catch.

Other new features, include different berries and new items for evolving which can be found in Pokestops and will hopefully revive this groundbreaking mobile game.

Will players come flocking back? For the time being at least they undoubtedly will. It is a huge step that Niantic needed to make sooner rather than later. Hopefully they learn from their mistakes and take full advantage of what potentially could end as one of the biggest grossing mobile games so far.

Trading, breeding, proper gym battles, there are plenty of things that could bring people back. For now anyway, I like all other Pokemon Go players will be back on the app this week, bring on Gen 2.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

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