Namco founder, and ‘Father of Pac-Man’, passes away

Masaya Nakamura, dubbed the 'Father of Pac-Man', passed away on January 22nd, aged 91.

The founder of Namco, the company that released the worldwide phenomenon Pac-Man back in the 1980s, has passed away, aged 91.

Masaya Nakamura passed away on Sunday, January 22, but was only announced earlier today by the company, now known as Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. following a merger between Namco and Bandai in 2005.

A funeral of close relatives was held and his cause of death has not been revealed due to family wishes.

Nakamura was dubbed the ‘Father of Pac-Man’ after his company released the iconic arcade game Pac-Man back in 1980. The title went on to earn $3.5 billion in just 10 years following its release, adjusted for 2016 inflation that is $7.68 billion.

In 2007 he was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun, a Japanese government honour for those who have made distinguished achievements in Japanese industries.

Three years later, Nakamura was inducted into the International Video Game Hall of Fame.

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