Telltale unveil sneak peak of third season of The Walking Dead series

Season three of the critically acclaimed series will introduce one new character and see the return of a series favourite.

Telltale have revealed the first sneak peak of the next season in their “The Walking Dead” series.

Set to premiere in the fall, season three of the critically acclaimed series will see the return of series favourite Clementine, now in her teen years and who, according to Telltale, will play a “key role”, and introduce a new character, Javier, a fellow survivor.

The studio also said season three would be a new story “as much as it is a continuation of season one and two”.

“Players completely new to the Telltale series will be able to jump right in without feeling lost at all, and those familiar with previous seasons will perhaps find some even deeper meaning, as we’ll be working to ensure save file decisions will carry over from the last two games if you’ve played them in the past,” wrote Telltale via their online blog.

Fans will be have the opportunity to play as both Javier and Clementine throughout the season.

More information is to be released over the coming months.

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