DOOM Beta Receives Negative Reviews

DOOM open Beta slammed by Steam Reviewers.

ID Software’s DOOM open Beta (2016) has been receiving a barrage of negative reviews on Steam, with users commenting that the game feels “more like Halo than Doom.”

The upcoming title will be the first title in the iconic FPS franchise since DOOM 3 (2004), with fans of the series long clamouring for the next title. Though as the majority of reviews for DOOM open Beta on Steam are negative, it does not look like DOOM has lived up to expectations with the Beta.

Many reviewers called the gameplay “slow” and “generic,” with one user, according to VG247, stating that: “You’d think a game where you can play as a demon armed with a jetpack and multiple rocket launchers would manage to feel well… anything. It manages to not do anything badly but somehow also not do anything particularly well either.”

Speaking with the BBC, software and game developer, Gary Riches, felt that the gameplay was slower and the removal of features such as enemies no longer being taken out by close range single-shot and the lack of weapon “hot spots” where weapons were generated in previous games. He went on to say: “I still like Doom 4 but it doesn’t feel like Doom 4, it feels like a sequel to Quake or Unreal Tournament,” adding, “to me that’s disappointing.”

DOOM is still at BETA stage, although given the proximity of the game’s release date – 13th May 2016 – it is unlikely that much will be updated or changed before that date. It is also worth mentioning that the BETA has only shown off the multiplayer mode, although some reviewers have stressed concerns that the single-player mode may not be up-to-par.




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