Lindsay Lohan GTA V lawsuit denied dismissal

Lohan's GTA V lawsuit is denied dismissal by New York Supreme Court judge, lead actor labels her "nuts".

A motion by Take-Two to dismiss the lawsuit filed by Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan has been denied by a New York Supreme Court Judge.

Almost two years ago, Lohan filed papers in a Manhattan court that revealed she was suing both Rockstar Games, developers, and Take-Two Interactive, publishers, for allegedly using her image, voice and styles from her clothing line for character in the record-breaking action-adventure title.

In the game, players meet Lacey Jonas in a random side mission where they must escort her back to her home whilst evading the pursuing paparazzi.

In the lawsuit, Lohan pointed out that the game also features a parody of the Chateau Marmont Hotel, where she once lived.

Take-Two and Rockstar responded a month later, calling the lawsuit “frivolous” and said that it was filed for “publicity purposes”. They want the lawsuit dismissed and for Lohan to pay their legal fees.

However, they didn’t get what they wished for as earlier this week New York Supreme Court Judge Joan Kennedy denied Take-Two’s request for a dismissal, citing Lohan’s claims were “sufficient”.

The judge also said that she couldn’t rely on documents filed by the Take-Two with the intention of proving the images in question don’t feature Lohan. The lawsuit will now continue.

Ned Luke, one of the lead actors of GTA V, himself commented on the legal proceedings labelling Lohan “nuts” in a Twitter post.

It isn’t the first time GTA V has attracted lawsuits.

Back in October 2013, rapper Daz Dillinger sent a cease and desist order accusing Rockstar Games of using two of his songs – C-Walk and Nothin’ But The Cavi Hit – without his permission. Allegedly, he was offered an “offensively low” $4,271 for the songs but he refused.

He ordered Take-Two to recall and destroy all unsold copies.

And in another lawsuit, the daughter of a 90s mobster filed a $40 million lawsuit accusing the studio of using her life story and likeness for another in-game character.

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