EA teases more Star Wars: Battlefront sequels. Yay?

Not even a week old and already EA Games have announced sequels to their game, the much anticipated Star Wars Battlefront. But is it worth getting excited?

Star Wars Battlefront is less than a week in stores and already EA has promised that their new, bouncing baby will have sequels.

Or at least that’s what EA’s Chief Financial Office Blake Jorgensen told the crowd at the UBS Global Technology Conference in San Francisco. I guess you can’t accuse them of being lazy or not having faith in their game.

During his talk at the conference, Gamespy is reporting that Jorgensen said: “Our goal is to make future Battlefront games as well as other style games around the Star Wars franchise.”

If you’re like me and desperately hoping that this means some life in the Knights of the Old Republic series then I’m afraid that we’re probably out of luck as Jorgensen’s other comments seem to suggest that EA’S licensing deal keeps them grounded in the film era, and that the KOTOR era is off limits.

Still, there might be some hope for LucasArts’ never-realized masterpiece, Star Wars 1313, as Amy Hennig’s level 66, super-top secret project at Visceral Games has yet to be announced and as they say: No news is good news.

As for Battlefront itself? Well, it seems that there’s a lot to improve upon. The Guardian described it as a game with a modest structure and “ultimately, Battlefield lite,” while Techradar declared it a waste of story with no heart. NME, ever the optimist (or easy to please – we’re not judging), declared it just “alright.”

Personally, I was put off the game when I found out they had removed space battles, and I’m morally against games with single player campaigns that you can finish in the space of an episode of The Joy of Painting anyway, so this one is going to have to be handled by another of our esteemed Opinionators.

Regardless of Battlefront, we here at Roobla are still very excited about all things Star Wars and will have some great content in the run up to The Force Awakens.

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